Aug 20, 2012

On Turning 9

In the midst of all of this packing/moving chaos, Jason turned 9. We had a small party here at the house, and a "friend" party at a local party place.

It was bittersweet, because Jason won't see these kids until next summer, and I won't see the parents until then either. I'll really miss some of my adult friends. Finally, after almost 3 years I have some friends I really enjoy...

I'm still feeling a bit confused, a mixture of sadness and apprehension, with some excitement thrown in. You know the Van Halen song "JUMP?" Forget jumping, I'm doing a flying cannonball!!

See you in the water!


Gigi said...

Happy birthday to your little guy! Excuse me, I mean big guy.

The Other Side of Me said...

Hi Lee,

He has really grown this year. 9 already, really? I can't believe how fast they grow.
Love ya. Call you this week.