Aug 18, 2012

Our Barn is Empty

My barn is empty. My dad came and picked up the ponies and my one, remaining chicken. Anyone who has animals knows how much your day revolves around the routine of the barn. Up in the morning to feed, out before dinner to put them out. Now, it's clean and empty and waiting for the next owner's animals.

The house is getting emptier too. There are boxes everywhere. Most pictures are down and wrapped. Soon I will be cleaning out the refrigerator and the dry goods.

Wow- so much has changed in the past few weeks! I feel like I made the decision to take the job and move back, and now everything is snowballing! Chris will go back with me, at leats for now. He has some job offers. Of course, one was up here... now that we've made the decision to leave. I said as much to him, and his reply was "We're not supposed to be here." (I almost fell over). But that's kind of where I am too. We gave it a good shot- just short of three years.

Now, we just need the house to sell. Our realtor told us that the first 5 weeks of a house being on the market is an indicator of selling it. Well, we've had 9 showings- that's pretty good, right?? But no offers. St. Joseph #1, who helped us sell our other house, got scooped away when the township reshaped the banks on the road (including our front yard). #2 is out there, with wishes wrapped around him. I'm saying a novena... please let an offer come this month!!

I'll be going back to my old job. I'll be going back to my old house (my parents' place). I'll be back in the places that are familiar to me. It should be interesting. Hang on and come along for the ride!!


Terri Kahrs said...

Lee, in I'm adding my prayers and belief in angels and St. Jude to your St. Joe #2! Things ARE moving along in the right direction - "Southwest" in PA. Having faith and trust is the hardest part of the entire journey. You have my love and prayers too. BIG, comforting hugs. Terri ♥ xoxoxo

Kelly said...

Lee, I hope the house sells soon. It was a tough decision. Much encouragement to St. Joe #2. Wishing you all the best. Please let us know how things work out. An empty barn is a difficult thing to have. At least it will stay clean!

Gigi said...

Adding my prayers to the mix.

Good luck! And I've heard that St. Joe always gets it done.