Mar 9, 2008

For a minute I thought we were in Kansas...

We had some WILD weather here yesterday. The past few days have been wet and foggy. Finally, after a few, short, very intense downfalls, the sun came out. Adam, the littlest one, came to me and said "outshide" and "soos" (shoes). After putting on my socks and shoes, I came down to find him walking around with his favorite jacket and sneakers in hand, calling "mama." This kid has a one-track mind!

So out we went. The kids went straight for the puddles- of course- and I puttered around. ABout 20 minutes later, the wind kicked up, but it was sunny, so I paid it no mind. Well, I guess when the neighbor walked by, shouted something and pointed behind me, I should have paid attention!! About 5 minutes later, the sky was black and a very weird shade of yellowy brown. The wind gusts started, so I scooped Adam up and dashed for the house. It seemed like all hell was going to break loose- and I kid you not- I looked to the sky for a tornado!! It was that bad. It rained buckets, and blew hard, but this house is SO sturdy that nothing happened.

The moral of the story- none. But, spring is on it's way, and my crocuses and hyacinth are coming up. Halleluja!

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