Mar 18, 2008

My Newest Baby

Here it is! All handstitched and beaded my me. Available at Birds at Etsy.


The Other Side of Me said...

You go girl. Awesome to try something new! I love the pillow you made with it. I want to try making one of my house. If it is a flop I will be sending you a picture for you to do!
P.S. I like how you added the categories from our shoppe!


Love the pillow!! I think you added just the right amount of details embellies to it! I even like that there is only just a hint of color on it!

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

It amazes me how someone who has to be analytical--nurse duties--can be so creative. Truly amazing! Your work is beautiful.

Connie said...

The pillow is beautiful. For this being new for you, it looks like you're a pro.