Apr 12, 2008

Love. True Love.

I miss my husband.

He's been out of town for a week. The house is just somehow empty without him. Not that I don't have plenty to keep me busy- working, the kids, housework, etc., but I get bored. Chris makes me laugh a lot. I guess I make him laugh too. We totally get each other's humor.

I was married once before. It didn't work out so well. I have been amazingly lucky, and found love, real love, with Chris. We've been together for almost 7 years. I can't even remember what it was like without him. Isn't that weird?

I love him deeply, which is scary sometimes. Up until recently, I was a critical care nurse in an ICU. I had the pleasure of meeting lots of people, some of who have been married for 40-50 years. When one of them is hospitalized, the other is lost. One couple had never spent a night apart- ever! And they were somewhere in their 70s. Isn't that just amazing?

I've seen lots of people die. Sometimes the body lives, but the spirit leaves. You can feel it in the room. They just aren't there. Sometimes it helps to tell the family that. It has been my honor to help them die as peacefully as possible. Quietly, with dignity. Smoothing hair. Wiping brows. Holding hands. Comforting family.

The thought of it being me and my husband in that situation someday is mind-bending. Unimaginable.

But it will happen.

So, I tell him how much I love him every day. Just in case.


Vera said...

I think that is sweet...I always try to say I love you to my hubs too because you never know...

Sharon said...

Hi Lee W, Such a sweet love story. And you are one special nurse too.


Love your story!! So very true..indeed.