Apr 1, 2008

Random Things and Spring.

I love the wire forms at Stampington. I tried to copy the picture to show you but couldn't, so go to the site and you'll see them. I tried to make one- not good. Don't laugh. The wire bends pretty well, but it was filthy and just wasn't working.

So I switched to paper mache and got this:
Now, I just need to build a dress on it!

The inside of my house is covered in lady bugs (I probably caught and released 30 today), the outside is covered in box elders (YECH).

These are some of the spring flowers: hyacinth and daffodils (only about the size of a quarter!).

Watch'a got in your garden?

1 comment:

Vera said...

Pretty! I hope to do landscaping soon for our house! I am that way about ladybugs too...we get them from time to time and I always catch and release them instead of squishing them with a shoe!