Apr 22, 2008

Maine Snow

My in-laws arrived yesterday. In the cooler, they had packed up some snow in ziplock bags- just for the kids! It turned out to be a mighty fun snowball fight, even though the grass is green! For dinner, we threw some hotdogs and burgers on the grill and had a BBQ. My in-laws were tickled pick, it's their first of the season!

We talked long into the evening, and today they babysat while I got my hair done. It's a beautiful day out- perfect for sitting on the porch while the kids play. Ahhhh, spring!

xoxo- Lee


Sea Angels said...

When I first saw your post I though Oh gosh Lee has snow....then I read further....what fun you are, what a brilliant idea, I just love popping by to see you.
Hugs Lynn xx


How cool is that!! Snow in a box!!!
I'm glad you had a great visit, it sounded like a total blast for everyone. When do we get to see your new do?

The Other Side of Me said...


Glad you had a good visit with your in-laws. How fun to get snow to play with. The boys looked like they had a great time!

LuLu said...

Bonjour Lee! Snow in plastic bags is a super great gift for kids, what a great idea! This year, here in Quebec, we had tons of snow, more than ever recorded in history. Someone had the bright idea of selling his snow bank piled in front of his house on eBay to collect funds for a Children's hospital here where his kids were treated. It was an amazing success! They sold it for more than $20,000!!! Have a great weekend, Lee! Come and visit often! LuLu

Susan Tuttle said...

This is a riot Lee! I was walking through the woods the other day with my daughter and we happened upon a patch of snow that was still hanging on.

Good old Maine snow!