Apr 26, 2008

More Family Fun!

Here are some additional family photos! The weather has been perfect, and we grilled out every night! I have finally figured out how to lower the grill temp and not char the outside and undercook the inside. We had green salad and veggies, and lots of yummy pasta salad. It really made me ready for summer. What I could do without is the nasty gnats-they're back again already. It's something about our lawn, because my sisters don't have them. Maybe something with the trees? No pesticides, here, though. I don't want the kids or the animals exposed to it. Cutter spray- here we come!
Grandpa and Jason played outside a lot. The swingset got quite a workout this week! Grandpa played baseball with both kids, which they adored. Needless to say, they tired them out every day. Both boys slept in today until almost 9!!
Granpa and Grandnan also brought a great summer water toy. Both my kids love water, and even though it wasn't really hot, we broke it out and played! I can tell that this is going to provide lots of summer heat relief. And maybe if I position it right, it can water the gardens too. LOL! OK, so I know I shouldn't post nudy picture- but everything is covered! And who can resist ?


The Other Side of Me said...


I am so loving these pics. These are the days that your kids will remember. Love the butt shot.

Dona said...

It's not a nudy pic. It's a statue of David in the gardens of Paris.



Is it that warm already?? I love the sprinkler fun pics.. Oh if only to be that young again and be able to romp out there in our b-day suits!!! What a great day for kids.

Anne Bradshaw said...

I enjoyed my visit to your blog today. Made me feel like summer really is around the corner :-)

By the way, try taking a spray bottle filled with rubbing alcohol outside with you, and spraying the pesky gnats. It works well for fruit flies. Don't spray the children, though!

LuLu said...

Bonjour Lee! Thanks for stopping by my blog and for leaving great comments! Your boys are adorable! Aren't grandparents precious? My who is now 11 years old has a great relationship with my parents, they have been there for him since the beginning! Have a great weekend! LuLu