Apr 14, 2008


These were taken today- my little peeps out in the yard, under the magnolia tree.

It was beautiful and sunny- but not too warm. Of course, Adam has yet another cold, and so his nose was running like a faucet. At one point, Jason (unprompted) called him over and wiped it for him. Sweet, huh? Maybe there's hope for them yet.

Chris is out of town again, so we went for Chinese food. I just didn't feel like cooking. The ironic thing is, I get sick of cooking and want take-out on the weekend, and Chris is just the opposite- he's sick of take-out and wants homecooked. SIGH. I got some spicy hot chicken- YUMMY!

Adam's been gibber gabbering for awhile. Here are some of the things he says:
1. mamam- me
2. Dada- daddy
3. mine!
4. cheese
5. cheese= teeth (you have to put it in context, of course!) as in brushing his teeth
6. where go?
7. that? comes out 'thath'
8. goy goy= drink (who knows, it's just what it means)
9. moon= moon, balloon, and plane
10. Jas= Jason
11. mote= remote (big shocker there)
12. moo!
13. fo= phone
14. nigh nigh= night night
15. I wan, I wan 'nother one, I wan it= I want
16. yummy yummy- means he wants more, usually handing me his snack bowl

I know there is more, but that's all I can think of. ;-) I love his little voice- so sweet when they are this age. He hasn't yet said the dreaded NO, but he does say "uh uh" and shakes his head no.

The time is passing so quickly. Taxes are dues tomorrow, I have to work, and the daffodils are almost done blooming.

hugs- Lee


The Other Side of Me said...

The pictures of the boys are wonderful! I love seeing them. Adam must sound so cute. I love some of the stuff Shelby comes out with. The baby talk is so unique to each child. I am going to start writing them down so I won't forget these little jewels.


Pink magnolia's..who knew?? They are pretty though.
Aww...love all the new words when kiddos are learning...too cute. I never thought to write them down...way to go girl!

Dona said...

Just love seeing the munchkins. I really miss those times. Must get together, maybe soon now that the weather is getting nice.


faerie enchantment said...

These photograph's are beautiful and the boys are adorable!
Magic and Joy!