Feb 5, 2009

Baby, it's cold- no, make that FREEZING- outside

This morning it was a whopping 12 degrees here. No wonder the school was delayed for 2 hours. 1. there was some ice and new snow on the roads, but more importanly 2. it was too cold for kids to stand outside. When we were kids, I honestly don't remember having a delay due to cold weather. Nor did we have as many snow days. In those days, I guess liability wasn't as big of a factor. In fact, once we got stuck on an uphill curve on snowy road, and had to wait to be "rescued."

Anyway, the kids went sledding the other day, when it wasn't so cold out. Jason received a snow board from Santa, and he was trying it out. He was only going down a slight hill, but it was perfect for him to get the hang of it. His cousin, Hannah, spent the day with us. Adam enjoyed it too, but he doesn't stay out that long.

What did you do today? Hugs, Lee


Lori said...

how fun!!! my boys used to snowboard when they were a little younger...it was so cute to watch them...let's see, it was a whopping 1 degree here this morning when my kiddos went out for the bus...yuk...

The Other Side of Me said...


I can't get over how much Adam has changed since the summer. He is losing his baby face and looking more like a little boy!

Jason looks like a real snowboarder in that pic.

Glad you are enjoyng the winter season.