Feb 19, 2009

Round Robin Time!

I am hosting my first round robin! I am very excited. It is based on lyrics. Each participant will make a book that includes lyrics from the song of her choice. Then as the book gets passed around, each player will interpret the lyrics and do pages accordingly! Doesn't that sound cool?
I'm having trouble picking my song. Want to help? Click on the links, read the lyrics, then vote in the comment section! I won't promise to use the song that gets the most votes, but I am interested in what YOU would find interesting.

I Am The Highway- Audioslave (also on my playlist)
Secret Journey- The Police

Now, I know some of these are a bit far out, but that's the whole point. I want to stretch- and I mean STRETCH- hard for this challenge. I'm leaning towards the first song. Or even maybe another of Chris Cornell's- 'cause you know he rocks!! LOL.

Tell me, what song provokes images in your head?

hugs, Lee


Tam said...

I love music so that is a hard question for me. BoB Segers music sometimes provokes images for me.. I know strange huh.

Lori said...

Lee, your first link didn't work for me...i think the lyrics from secret journey would be cool to work with...your idea sounds fun!!!

Sea Angels said...

Hi Lee, I am soo very sorry you have the flu and feel so damned poorly...it has been like this for me, even after two weeks I'm still exhausted, and can hardly get up!!
You sound awful....I hope you feel better soon...and this whole virus does not drag on for weeks...I'm not holding my breath on this one though.
I'm sorry, waves and get better hugs, from me to you lol
Lynn xxxx