Feb 6, 2009

Valentine Eye Candy

OK folks, this is going to be a long post- at least as far as pictures go! So sit tight and feast your eyes...

I was invited to do a Valentine ornament swap by Natalea Kanderfer of Kandeland. We were to make 10 ornies, of any medium we chose. I showedd you a peek of mine a few posts ago- darned if I didn't forget to take a better picture. BUT- who needs a picture of mine, when you can look at these?

First- the box. You know it's going to be good when you open it and it looks like this:
Vivian Neroni sent this sweet bird and crepe ornament, complete with tiny, bright pink tinsel.

Then, came my girl Tammy's from The Other Side of Me. I love the postcard tag and the bird. She took an amazing amount of time to spruce up this little bird!

Cindy Gilstrap of Junque Art sent this pretty, neutral, sewn ornament. Gotta love old paper.Heather Rowley of Speckled Egg sent this lovely goodie- couldn't you just eat it?

Sandy Camarda of Sandy's Creations sent a pink goodie bag that had a chenille backed pillow ornament. Isn't the pink ribbon lovely? There is a little silver heart charm sewn on to the bottom that you cannot see.

Kathy Jacobson sent such an amazing glass glittered key, attached to a wonderful crepey heart. I love german glass glitter!!

Sarah Keith of Vintage Lily sent this, I think. It didn't have a name, but she was on the list. Aren't all these goodies amazing? The tag was done with wax, which I just love.

Alisa Noble of Life Is A Beautiful Place sent this beautifully done ornament, complete with a sweet, flocked bag. I love how she used blue on her heart.

Jeanne Swezczyk of Collage Art Studio sent me this, complete with a lollipop. I 'll have to keep it away from the kids! This sweet little girl is 3-D, with each piece of the ornament being layered.
And last, not not least, NATALEA~!! She sent a few goodies too! Silly girl- she's the hostess, she's supposed to let us send her extras.

To all of the ladies involved- thank you so much for making such beautiful swap items. I love each of them, and have them displayed in my kitchen.

To all of my readers, please check out the blogs mentioned above- there's so much goodness out there!

hugs- Lee


Sandy Michelle said...

Aww Lee, thanks for posting all of our lovely ornaments! I can't WAIT to receive mine and I will post them on my blog as soon as I do :)
Sandy xox

Lori said...

those valentines are all so wonderful...what a great package to receive!!! everyone did an amazing job:) how fun!!!

Sarah said...

Thank you so much for the Valentine ornament in the swap! I loved it!!!!
Vintage Lily