Feb 4, 2009

Lovely Mail

Today I received the most wonderful canvas in the mail from my cyber-friend Catherine!

I see the mail lady pull into the driveway. I walk out. I see a bag in her hand, with a box in it.

"Wow, I can't imagine what that is." Probably not what you think. ?? This was damaged by some mechanical thing, she says. Or something to that effect. And then I look at the bag in her hand.

I can see that the package is from Catherine. The box is obviously WET. "Oh no," I wail, "this is a piece of art." Well, it wasn't insured. "What do I do now?" I'll see what I can find out. GREAT.

I walk back, just horrified. Catherine and I have promised each other months ago to send each other a canvas. I can't imagine what kind of shape it's in.

So, I open it up. The box is literally dripping from the oil. And it stinks- not of machine-type oil, but of cooking, spicy, essence-of-something type oil. I open the box and pull the wadded paper out, piece by oily piece. And lo and behold, the piece wrapped around the bubble wrap is clean and dry. My little "July"canvas is just perfect!!

July is just beautiful. Catherine managed to add a lot of depth to the canvas (it's hard to see with these pictures). The piece fairly glows. There is beautiful gold, with reds and this lovely woman in the center. The beaded strand are icing on the cake. She's already hung next to my computer desk. Thanks Catherine!

hugs- Lee


Tam said...

I am so glad it was not damaged! That is wonderful and it is a a beautiful canvas!

ramsam said...

It is so beautiful...and double the treat to get in by post! I am a tiny bit jealous, in a nice, artistic sort of way!

Lori said...

that is lovely...and how amazing that is survived intact...i bet that was a HUGE relief!!!

The Other Side of Me said...


The canvas is so wonderful. She is such an elegant lady! I love the beads. I am SO glad that it survived the post from both places!


jessica said...

What a lovely blog! So happy I found you!