Jan 30, 2009

Contest Winners!

Well, AND DISAPPOINTINGLY, I might add, only 3 gals participated in the Lollishops contest.

Ramsam Better Than We Deserve

Tam Lollipops

Rush8888 Rush's Art and Other Curiosities

So, ALL of you email me with your choice of roses or tags from the shop and we'll get them right out to you! If you should choose the same rose, the rose will go to the person by the order of replies.

Thank you!!

hugs- Lee


Tam said...

OK I know you are disappointed BUT I am not because I am a winner!


Lori said...

well nuts! that blog closed before i could comment on everyone...at least you had all of your names, i lost mine...i was kind of bummed about that...congrats to your winners Lee!!!

ramsam said...

SO SO SO HAPPY! This takes away some of the sting in the wallet from my little spree today. The new Somerset Studio is out, plus I got some adorable tags, vintage charms, and sweet scrapbook kits. (Can you blame me?)

I would love either thing- both are so cute- I suppose the rose is my first pick, because it looks so adorable and not like something I would have the patience to make. If you have more replies, then the tags are wonderful, too!

Can I e-mail my address to you?

I am so sorry for you that not as many responded as you had hoped, but selfishly happy for me that I get a goodie out of it!

Nelly said...

Oh darn it, I didn't know about it. I love your clothes pattern flowers. You were my inspiration and I'm trying to make them, but they're awful in comparison, LOL! I'm still trying to perfect them.

rush8888 said...

thank you so much for the bird tags...it's good for me that the number of competitors was low! i love your blog, etsy and twigs and feathers.