Jan 21, 2009


Yesterday I had to work. Each of the recovery rooms has a small television, and every eye in the place was riveted on the inauguration. As I walked down the hall, I could hear President Obama's voice echoing- as we had 2 different channels on and there was a slight difference in timing. The effect was truly amazing.

President Obama has a lot on his plate- the economy, wars, gas and oil prices, healthcare, etc. It is our duty, as Americans, to get up and do everything we can to help President Obama and ourselves. It will be a time of hard work and great rewards. But we can- YES WE CAN.


Sea Angels said...

This is a most lovely picture, I do like the way the Obama family all look like they are friends, especially after all they have been through, they must be exhausted....and still they look happy, yes it's a great job, but not one I would like to be faced with...not for anything!!!
I am so pleased for America and for the world really, I know I may sound soppy, but it is pretty fantastic isn't it. Have a nice , no have a great weekend Lee
Hugs Lynn xx

Anne said...

so true, with some hard work and determination, yes we can! hope all is well in your neck of the woods!