Jan 19, 2009

Like It?

Do you like the new banner? I was being extremely lazy by writing out the title. I didn't feel like fooling with the printer. I guess I could have stamped it, but that require even more fooling around!
It finally snowed here today. There is actually accumulation on the ground. It's been a very weird winter here- way too warm. (No, this isn't my yard).

The kids are watching Transformer- the movie. It it scratched as heck- thank you, kids- but barely watchable. They don't care. They just like the end, anyway.

We're having pizza for dinner. Hubby is out of town, and I don't feel like cooking. Go figure.

We're contemplating a move to Maine. It's were Chris grew up. It's really hard to look at properties online. Some of the stuff out there is such junk... it's amazing.

Anyway, if any of you out there are any where near Auburn, let me know. We may become your neighbors.

hugs- Lee


ramsam said...

Hubby is gone tonight fo rme as well-
after a day of scrapping memories with my sister I, too, am settling on pizza for the kids.

Once they get in bed it is Mastepiece's Tess of the D'Urbervilles for me! Ahhhhhhhh


o way. Oh I would cry to have to move further north..but I know you love it honey...good luck finding a new place!!

Love the banner...and I think you did perfect with the handwriting...I like it!!

I don't blame you if not wanting to cook...I haven't really "cook' for the kiddo either either since the hubs left...but she doesn't mind a bit...she'd take pizza ever day if I let her..lol