Jan 21, 2009

Cabinet Cards

I love cabinet cards. I was in a buying frenzy a few months ago, and I acquired quite a few. I am just now getting around to scanning them. Look at this young woman. Doesn't she remind you of a school teacher? And what's that near the top of her dress?

It's really amazing when you think of it- all of these people are long gone. But there images are frozen forever in time. Look at her dress- can you see all of the amazing details? And her hair, so full and thick and luxurious. I'm sure that someone in her life loved that shiny hair.

I often wonder who they were. Did they laugh and cry about the same things we do? The images are often so severe, it's hard to imagine any of them laughing. Did this couple love each other passionately? Laugh in bed about silly things? Argue about money? Kids?

Feel free to copy the images and use them in your art. Make up your own stories about them and give them life. I'd love to see what you do with them. I have a lot more that will show up on my Flickr site soon.

hugs, Lee


Lori said...

oh, i love cabinet cards too...i usually buy the ones with babies...i think they are so sweet...makes me kind of sad that they are so readily available though...

ramsam said...

I wonder what they would think-especially the women- if they could see themselves immortalized in our art and altered books. Imagine them with wings, halos, crowns, or a textured party hat.....waiting to be admired and adored.....

kind of immortalized, in a way. For some reason that thought makes me smile.

...and thanks for the prints!

The Other Side of Me said...

Hi Lee,

This is a great post. The cabinet cards are in great shape. The serious faces crack me up. Enjoy these.

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

Thank you for sharing this lovely cabinet cards! :)