Jan 7, 2009

This is the way

We wash the floors.....

This is our "new" cat Nikki, from this past summer. She really does exist, she just lives under my bed. Add a little catnip, however, and it's a whole different story!

Cheers- Lee


Lori said...

cute pictures Lee!!! your kitty looks like she is really getting into that catnip:)

The Other Side of Me said...


The dog is so cute and the boys must LOVE palling around with him. Is that Peanut or a different cat? I can't keep up! Talk to you soon, Buddy.


Tam said...

OOO I am a HUGE CAT person! We have four indoor only Cats. My husband is allergic but takes shots. The allergist told him to get rid of the cats but he told the Allergist that HE would have to leave before HIS wife would part with her FIRST CHILDREN. MY Husband made the right choice. The shots are working very well for HIM!


LOL..fabulous pics!!!

That's the best way to get the floor clean for sure..looks like something we used to do in the MArines..LOL

man oh man that cat looks like she's got serious attitude...I love it!!!!