Jan 14, 2009

Valentine Swap Goodies

I know I've mentioned this before, but awhile ago I joined the Paper Digital Arts and Images site, run by Kim Newberger. It's a great place for free collage sheets, images, and tons of fun challenges and conversations on the forum. (GO JOIN- it's free)

This months challenge, of course, was for Valentine's cards. I received mine early, and was blown away by my gift! It was done for me by the formidable artist, Kenning Stone.

First, I received an amazing, hand decorated envelope. It's thick with decoupaged papers and hand drawn swirls.

Inside was this card. It has cool dangly things on it, in wonderful colors, with sweet words hand written on them. The large heart is elevated off the card, giving it depth. The little wand thing in the middle moves back and forth, moving the charms. I lvoe the colors, becaue they aren't too light and pink. The deeper shades of rosey red are very romantic. There are also little swipes of silver leaf in spots.

Second was this Wild Earth card, inside another hand-decorated envelope. Kenning, aka Lydia, took an amazing amount of time for this project. I love it, thank you!!

My partner's card it half-way done. I'll be sure to post a glimpse, once it's finished.


I'm also doing a Valentine ornament swap with a bunch of girls, hosted by Natalea Kanderfer at Kandeland. I don't want to give too much away, but here's a little sneak peek of what my swap sistahs are going to get from me.



Tam said...

Awesome LEE! Swaps are so much!


oh what fun to be in those swaps!!! Holy girl these are stunning..

me likie

The Other Side of Me said...


What awesome cards! Enjoy those. I look forward to seeing your sweet hearts.


Kathy said...

I LOVE the peek at what you're making for Nat's swap...can't wait to see all of the ornaments!!!


ramsam said...

Saw you in Somerset and came to stalk you just a bit....

love love love your cards. Keep them coming!