Oct 26, 2009

Some Randomness

So, the nasty flu seems to have left for now. Thank goodness. Jason is back to school, and it's just me and Adam for the day. This picture is from last Sunday. He got worse, and looked a lot worse, throughout the week. Of course, no one believes in my clinical judgment, and practically called me incompetent for not taking him to the doctor (who I did speak with on the phone). I watched his fever, gave him meds, listened to his lungs every day, and watched for complications. There isn't much more to be done when it's viral. And guess what, he got better without a visit to the doctor. Go figure.

Packing is in full swing, well.... sort of. I'm sure in the next week or so I'm going to hit a point when I can't really pack too much more, because we're using it! My mother-in-law may be comng down next week to help me- isn't that sweet?
We've temporarily adopted a dog. He showed up the other day, limping and generally looking a little thin. Chris didn't want me to feed him, but it was obvious he'd been on the road for awhile. He was thin, shy, and seemed a little disoriented. He appears to be an Akita mix. Duchess, our other dog, is in heaven. They play all day, which is a good thing. It keeps her out of trouble. I'd consider keeping him, but Chris is set on getting a German Shepherd when we get to Maine. And I just can't see having 3 dogs- that's too many for me. What a difference it is already, having two. Enter my mother-in-law... hopefully she'll take him back to Maine.

Still browsing the internet, looking at kitchens. Our kitchen in Maine has double ovens, which we were going to replace. Now looking at the prices, maybe we'll see if they're usable. I know they work, but the way the kitchen is set up, they are jammed back in the corner. I'm not sure how they even got them open, with the refrigerator so close. It was kind of dark in the house, and it was hard to get a good look at them. Plus, they seemed dirty. Not old, though.

Still loving the idea of blue in the kitchen, but rethinking the cabinet color. I like the cream cabinets with slate gray counters. I figure the blue could be used as an accent color, and in the eating area.

gotta love the Aga- a cool $15.000

The eating area is large, and has a spot for a woodstove. I'd like something like this for that area, but adding some whitewash/plaster above it to lighten the wall. The window wall would be perfect for a built in bench, with a long farm table.

This table is big bucks- so Chris better get busy building!

What have you been up to?
hugs- Lee


Lori said...

Lee, your son is adorable!!! he has the pretties eyes...i am glad that he is better now...i don't take my kids to the doc for every little thing either...that is the most germ infested place you could be...and if it is a virus...there is nothing they could do anyway...like you said...so i for one am in agreement with how you handled your son's illness...LOVE the pic of the kitchen with the cream cupboards...oh, that STOVE!!! i want one of those!!!

Lori said...

"prettiest" eyes that is...

Blasé said...

I'm relieved for you of the passing of the virus from your family. And I'm glad that your sweet Mother-in-law will be assisting you in your needs.

Gigi said...

If you can swing it; definitely invest in the double ovens!!! We did (at the expense of other things) and it has been great! Come Christmas time I can be a baking fool and they come in handy!!

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

Your boy has a faithful companion. How sweet.

You have someone who can build furniture? Amazing.

What fun you are having, dreaming all the ways you can decorate.

Tracey said...

So glad you all are on your way to good health again...flu bug be gone!!!

You are going to have so much fun getting your new home to look the way you'd like...it will make up for all of the work! I think cream colored cabinets would be gorgeous, and painting them is budget friendly!

:) T

JoAnnA Pierotti said...

Hi Lee, thanks for your comment on my blog this morning. I went to your blog a few pages back reading about your move. Love the home in Maine. I grew up in New England and miss it. I'm in Calif. now. But I'll be back there to teach next year. Where are you moving from? Love all your kitchen ideas - love the blue too.

the kept GRITS said...

almond colored cabinets work really good. I had a whole kitchen redo earlier this year, very expensive, but worth it.