Oct 10, 2009

Time To Give

Remember this past summer when I said I'd found an organization to contact so I could send some care packages overseas? Yeah, well, they never got back to me, even after a few emails. Makes you wonder, huh?

Anyway, all politics aside, the fact remains that our soldiers, many of them youngsters, are overseas fighting. They are far away from home, probalby proud to be out there, and homesick just the same. Many of our soldiers are lacking amenities, and it seems to me that we can help them out.

Enter Letters With Love, a non-profit organization run by the Daltons:

For years the Dalton Gang has been adopting soldiers and finding ways to spoil them with care packages - always including items that would help them stay in touch with their families. And then one of our own enlisted and it all took on a whole new meaning.

When Kari learned from her deployed daughter that Christmas cards were not readily available in the Mid East, she took on the crusade of providing boxes of Christmas / Holiday cards for the every soldier who wanted them. So the call went out to other friends serving in the military. Would they like cards and how many would be needed? The proverbial snowball became an avalanche & the mission continues on.

There were folks and merchants that contributed cards that said they wished we were a non-profit and they would contribute more. So that's what we did. We became Letters With Love, Inc, a 501(c)3 Contributions to us can be used as a tax deduction.

I'm in the process of hunting and gathering to send a package of to Kari. You can donate funds for packages and postage, but I felt like I wanted to get these things myself. Somehow, it makes it more personal to me. Here is the list of things the organization currently runs out of on a regular basis-
· Carmex Lip Balm
· Travel sized hand sanitizers
· Disposable razors and gel shave cream
· Travel sized tooth paste
· Travel sized baby wipe packs
· Travel sized gold Bond foot powder and body powder
· DenTek pick and scaler set to clean weapons with
· Travel sized body wash
· Travel sized hand lotion
· A writing tablet, a box of envelopes, and a pack of black ink pens
· A pack of 10 greeting cards
· Beef jerky

I know times are tough, but if you can, please go out and pick up some of these goods and pass them onto Kari. It will make being away from home a little bit easier for our soldiers.


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Tam said...


This is my area of expertise actually. Being a Military wife and all. Here in Savannah everyone is so supportive of our Soliders. Sometimes the Units just have to much stuff sent over. I am sorry no one got in contact with you about care packages. I also have a suggestion...contact your local National Guards to see if they have any deployed soliders and see if you can send the Unit a package. They always need things and sometimes also have very young privates that need items. You can ask the schools principal if they have any deployed parents that you would like to donate items (ofcourse they can not tell you who for privacy reasons) for care packages....they do that here all the time...take up items to be sent over for a child whos parent/parents are deployed. You take care.....YOU are such a wonderful giving person!!!!