Oct 17, 2009

Swap Bag

I joined in a bag swap over at Joli Paquet. Kath from Out On A Whim was my partner. I got hers in the mail a little early, so that I can start packing up my crafting stuff for the move.

The idea was to make or buy a canvas tote, and then stuff it with fun things. It could be Halloween themed, but didn't have to be. I bought a tote and stamped with some paint, and added a fun iron on. I didn't embellish too much, because I wanted the bag to be functional- meaning, not getting caught on things. Unfortunately, I scorched the iron on a little, but I didn't want to throw the bag out. I'm hoping after she uses it a few times, the overall vintagey feel of the bag will hide the brown marks.

I filled it with a bat garland, a paper and pom pom garland with a brass stencil, game cards, candy, Martha Stewart magazine, Halloween candles, fun old linen doilies, old needlepoint, and a cool dress pattern rose pin that I made.

Kath received her bag yesterday, and wrote to say that she loved it. That makes me happy.

hugs- Lee


mama said...

Great !

I am french and i like your blog.

I invit you to my GIFT SWAP here :

I hope you will be with us!
Have a nice day
Mama from France

Tam said...

That was a great gift!

Karen said...

Your tote looks like great fun and I know from experience!!

kaniki's said...

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Many Blessings

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

What a bunch of darling stuff! I hope it won't take you too long to get organized in the new HUGE house.

Lori said...

Lee, love how you did the bag...that is such a great image you used...i love all the fun stuff you filled your treat bag with...esp that lovely flower!!!

Anonymous said...

I do love it all Lee...packing yours up now! You rock!

Julie said...

What a fun swap - a bag of goodies filled with fun Halloween treasures - I especially loved the bat garland - thanks for sharing with us - oh my heart is with you - packing up a household can be a monumental task - xo Julie

ramsam said...

Who wouldn't love that bag? It is beautiful! What a great idea.

Tracey said...

Lee it's awesome!! Of course she loved it...who wouldn't?!

Happy Tuesday!

:) T

Dorthe said...

Hi , had to stop here ,to tell you your back is wonderfull, I love it, and also all the goodies you put inside, the garland and rose ,-so pritty,- going on to find more treasures of yours on your blog.

Hi Dorthe