Oct 1, 2009

This is What I'm Doing to Avoid Packing

OK- so I should be packing. But, I'm avoiding it right now...

I joined the Joli Paquet goodie bag swap. It will be a good diversion, before I pack up all of my crafting artsy stuff away.

You will create an adult style "Trick or Treat" bag for your partner and then fill that bag with treats. The bag should be a standard tote bag size and you're welcome to either create it from scratch or purchase a tote bag from any craft store and embellish it in the style that will make your partner swoon. Fill it with her favorite candy treats, crafting treats, decorating treats, or anything you think she will adore.

So, I bought a nice canvas bag to start. Then I just raided the local antique store, the local craft store, and am ready to begin! My partner is Kath of Out on a Whim Studio. She has some very cool, right-up-my-alley items in her etsy store. Go check her out!!

Now, off to tea stain!

Hugs- Lee


Lori said...

well, that sounds like SO much more fun than packing Lee...i can't wait to see what you give and get...

The Other Side of Me said...

Hey Lee,
This swap sounds so fun. I look forward to seeing what you do to the bag!