Dec 5, 2008

Happy Friday

Someone, anyone, send me some Calgon, 'cause Momma needs to be taken away!

Hubby's work has taken him out of town during the week for about the past 3 months. Momma is tired of running the show and taking care of sick kids. Not to mention the fact that I've had to call out of work 3 times and am gonna get dinged for it.

First child sick all last week, and came home sick from school today. Second child is REALLY sick, feverish, gunky, grumpy, and not eating or drinking much. Only one wet diaper today and I'm becoming concerned. I'm getting little sips in now and again, but nothing major.

It's freezing here. Send hot chocolate, please.

xoxo- Lee


Tam said...

Girl I feel YA....I feel Ya. Last week one child with STREP and Today the other CHILD HOME and OOO yeah went to the DOC...STREP for him to. I figured this was going to happen and well it did. To add the Cherry to my Happy little Sundae...the Husband will not be HOME this entire weekend. NOT that he is home usually anyway before OOO 7 to 9:30 regulary. SO YES YES I feel YA! There is a HOUSE FOR SALE on MY STREET....MOVE HERE and then I could HELP YOU OUT!

The Other Side of Me said...


Sorry Adam is not feeling any better and I wish we were closer to help each other out. Tam has a good idea, move SOUTH!!!!
Love you,