Dec 29, 2008

I'm In Love....

Somerset in Love, that is!

This issue containing my first published work is now available! It is beautifully done, with lots of inspiring and pretty layouts for you to drool over (thank you Amanda Belle Nolan). I had an amazing time being a part of Marilyn Healey's brainchild. This magazine features two groups of books, as Marilyn had a red group and a pink group going. Mine was part of the pink group.

The two pages below are from my book. We each filled out a questionnaire about the how and why's of the project. You can read about each artist's inspiration and ideas in their chapter.

As you may notice, my style is distinctly different from many of the players in the group. I struggled with feeling like I was a big enough "player" to be included with these amazing gals. When I saw the images being included, and which one of mine had been picked, I had an anxiety attack over my style and "fitting-in"-ness. Marilyn assured me that she invited me because she liked my style. I can only hope to keep growing as an artist, and to be invited to play along in another fat book group.

This is a page from Kristen Robinson's book for the artists to sign in. I made Love Potion #9 bottle for each member of the group, so I'm assuming that's my tag it's attached to! These were made from tiny bottles, filled with some mica flakes.

This is from Kristen's book. I started out with some cabinet cards, and just got carried away with the idea of love driving her crazy. We've all experienced that, right? Imagine my horror when I received the next book, and it was more pink and fluff than I'd done! I thought "oh no, I'm totally on the wrong path!" But Kristen loved it, and totally "got" it.

This is from Laura Bray's book. It is a two page spread based on champagne- the nectar of love! I was a little disappointed in the photograph of this layout, because it doesn't do it justice.
The interesting thing about this is the dress and champagne are 3-D. Check out my photos and you can see the difference.

This is half of a two page spread in Heather Bluhm's book. This side is done on white corduroy, which made for some interesting texture. It was made to look like a page from a child's scrapbook. The other half was a woman holding her dog, with lots of layers of fabric and a small message pocket.

I hope you enjoy the pictures! Go to Stampington to order yourself a copy.
Hugs- Lee


Lori said...

Lee, congratulations on being featured in that gorgeous magazine!!! i think you did an amazing job on your pages, they are lovely:) although i can totally empathize with your feeling of not being "big enough" as you said {been there toooooo many times}, i think you are mistaken, you fit in wonderfully with the other artists included!!!

Tam said...

Congrats! That is so AWESOME!

Kathy said...

Huge congratulations to you! What a perfect way to ring in the new year. I'm so happy for you!

Happy Happy New Year!


Original Inspirations said...

Got my copy in the mail this morning. Congrats. Love the magazines that Stampington and Company puts out.

MommaRu said...

Congratulations, Lee, having your lovely artwork displayed in
"Somerset". I am thoroughly in agreement with "Lori". Your lady in her beautiful gown and the champagne bottle, are my favorites. Keep your creativity flowing. Love, Mrs. C

Julie said...

Lee, how exciting! Are you hooked? Are you working on your next project for publication? Your layout was sublime and so inspiring. I can't wait to buy the magazine and I can say that this wonderful woman sent me a lovely package of goodies - I feel so blessed. Thank you for sharing your talent with us all - Blessings, Jules

Tracie Lyn Huskamp said...

LEE.. I can HARDLY WAIT to see the publication... A BIG CONGRATS!!!