Dec 14, 2008

In My World... Altered Tin

This tin was done for a rusty challenge over at Paper Digital Arts and Images, the "child" of Kim Newberg. I rusted an Altoid tin, and then used it to create a sort of memory box. Requirements for the challenge were to use rusty nails, bottle caps, soda pop tops and something else- maybe paper clips? The title had to start with In My World. The piece also had to include a distressed piece of paper (any kind of paper) and an image from the collage sheets that Kim sent us (for free, I might add).

As you can see, the bottle cap I used was spray painted gold, and put behind the lovely photo to act as a frame. It represents and wonderful time in someone's life, perhaps mementos from a dance, or wedding. The title had to be In My World. The lyrics on the distressed music sheet are "there's a place that I see, when the days fades away." I added a string of pearls, a Victorian glove charm, and some old buttons too.

This is a wonderful site, with tons of free graphics for your art. You do need to be a member, but membership is free!! There is also plenty of friendship and chit chat on the message board. Go check her out and sign up for a membership!!

Hugs- Lee

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natalea said...

Hi Lee,
this piece is great, and thanks for the info on the site!
have a good week, xo, natalea