Dec 15, 2008

A Little Glittery Goodness

Being surrounded by boys, I don't get to indulge myself in glittery, pretty, pink things very often. In addition, my littlest one's hands find it hard to stay away from most things in the house, making decorating difficult (my tree is pretty bare on the bottom).

So when Sadie proposed a contest to review one of the shops on LolliShops, I jumped! What better chance to browse around the site and look at some goodies. At stake here is an amazing basket of goodies from Sadie, and I cannot pass up the chance to win something.

That being said, I typed in German glass glitter into the search engine on the site and found this:

Lately I just LOVE all things tags... and Katie's Rose Cottage has a few to choose from.

Katie's wares are all beautifully photographed, with great prices. She has an assortment of soldered charms available, and a lovely snowman. Please go visit Katie's Rose Cottage and pick up some Christmas gifts.


Lori said...

Lori has the prettiest things!!! great choice:)


Very nice...indeed. Hey girlie....I'm rolling back around. I'm going to get back into the full swing after the Holidays.
I'm so glad you are doing well....I went off to vote for you too!!

Tam said...

Beautiful and YES I have that boy problem here toooo...LOL

Stephanie said...

Oh, I love her things, too. I wish my pics looked half as good as hers!