Dec 6, 2008

Pin and Blue Christmas Ornaments

I went to the local thrift store the other day and bought some old, glass ornaments. Two dozen blue glass balls and one dozen pink glass balls came home with me- all for $3. They also had purple ones, but I passed on them.

Blue and pink are not my usual colors, but they sure are popular these days. I thought I'd try my hand at foofing them up for Twigs and Feathers, over at LolliShops. It's so hard to put my vision into reality at times. Plus, there are times when I think "I need to go buy X Y or Z." Well, that kind of defeats the process, right?

Anyway, I did break down and buy some vintage, mercury glass bead garlands on eBay. I ended up cutting (GASP- I know) the stand apart and using the beads as eggs on the one ornament.

Tell me what you think of them. Oh, BTW, these aren't the greatest pictures... shiny things are hard to photograph.

Hugs- Lee

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