Dec 8, 2008


First child has been feverish and has had a GI bug since Friday. We missed a schoolmate's birthday party because of it... :-(

Second child is better, but still gunky. No fever though, at least not right this minute.

I attempted, UNDERLINE attempted, to go grocery shopping this morning. Let's just say it's a good think I know where the restroom is...

I've had enough. Did anyone mail the Calgon yet?


Hopesrising said...

Thanks so much on the RSV vaccine. Yes she will be getting it next year. They want her to have the flu and pneumonia both in 4 weeks depending on how she is doing.Lots of fluids and rest. So exactly what they are doing.
Hope your boys get to feeling better so many bugs out there this time of year

The Other Side of Me said...


It is the toughtest time when our little ones are sick. Shelby has something again, too! Can't wait for summer in the hot, dry heat!!