Dec 27, 2009

Happy New Year

Christmas came and went pretty quickly in our house... moving so close to the holidays made it hard to find my decorations, much less put them up! The kids awoke to a tree with lots of presents, and we had a really good morning with them.

I had dinner here for my Maine Family- Chris' Dad Rick and stepmom Nancy, his stepbrother Jesse, and his brother Eric and his girls. We started the festivities with some hot crab dip and chips and salsa. While the two older "boys" Eric and Jesse waged a Nerf gun war, Nancy and I got the rest of dinner ready. She brought ham and lasagne, and I had the fixings to go with it. Our center piece was the gingerbread house the boys decorated. Too bad we can't eat it!!

Already, Chris is headed back to Pennsylvania for the week. It was hard to say goodbye. My mom and sisters, and their children, will arrive for a fast and furious visit tomorrow. The beds are ready!

I hope you're enjoying your week!

hugs- Lee


Gigi said...

I'm glad you had a nice Christmas in your new home! Funny though - we had almost the exact same dinner!

Karen said...

Glad that you had a nice Christmas, just think what terrific Christmases are in your future in the new house!! Happy New Year!

Tam said...

It looks like a great Christmas!
Happy New Year!