Dec 20, 2009


It's cold here, cold, windy, and overcast and gray. The storm that hit the east coast is working it's way to Maine. It's snowing already. I was hoping Chris would get home today. I'm not sure that he will, though. It's not safe to be travelling with this amount of snow on the ground.

I have to admit I'm depressed. I went blog hopping to all my favorite sites. I soaked up the Christmas decorations and cookies. My house is cluttered and devoid of decorations. I had hoped to get them out this week, but with Chris not here... who knows. I know that the Christmas season is for celebrating the birth of our Savior, but the lights and things make it so much more inviting. Plus, we have two little kids, and Christmas is such an exciting time for them.

I also hoped to go out and shop last night, but that didn't happen. I was too tired, and Adam didn't want to stay at his grandparents' house with Jason. at Least I don't have to listen to fighting today. Not yet, anyway.

It's snowing again. Maybe I'll brave the weather and go buy some lights and some decorations. The cookies, however, will be homemade! At least the smell will perk up the house. Here are just a few pictures:

hugs- Lee


Dorthe said...

Oh dear,it is alwayes difficult to moove, and then just before christmas, where we all just wants to be cosy in our houses, I understand your feeling a little sad.
But I`m sure you in time for christmas eve, will have a little cosyness in your home, homemade cookies, and a tree, you`ll se it will work out well.
I wish you a happy christmas, and a good new year.

The Feathered Nest said...

Hi sweet girl...I'm so sorry you're down Lee ~ it's so much to adjust to moving with the weather, the boys cooped up, the boxes...I wish I was there to help you!!!! I've moved TONS in my life and am a pro at it ~ Please know we love you and I hope that all starts coming together soon. I pray you have a wonderful Christmas with your sweet boys and husband, hugs and love, Dawn

Tam said...


I wish I could just hop on a plane and help you unpack and put up Christmas Deocartions and beleive me that would make me happy to get OUT of Georgia for a while. LOL LOL

I am sure when you guys are all together as a family you will start to perk up. It is hard to be seperated and beleive me I know. It seems that things go smoother when your co pilot is there to lend a helping hand.

Things will fall in to place soon. You will soon put your essences on your New home and make it yours. Right now you are probably still feeling like it is not quite yours yet....but as soon as you put things away and start painting and ripping things down...well then it will come together and your stamp will be upon that HOME! Right now enjoy the end of 2009!

The Other Side of Me said...

Hey Lee,

I love that first picture you took with the beads of ice on the window. If it is any consolation, it was 29 degrees here this morning.
The snow looks so beautiful and by the look on the boys faces they are having a ball in it.

Speak to you on Christmas.

Love you,