Dec 31, 2009

still counting...

Still continuing my list:

20. Good friends are hard to come by.
21. Being on the internet has opened up a whole new world of friends. We touch, and are touched by, people from around the world. It's the most amazing thing to get an email from some one halfway across the globe, that you find you have so much in common with. I may never meet you ladies, but I have been touched by you. That's a gift to me!
22. I am extremely loyal as a friend. Sometimes I feel let down by my friends, does that mean I let them down too?
23. I wish my best friend and I lived closer together. We keep missing each other when we move!
24. Thank goodness for webcams! Now I can see my family and friends live, and it makes a whole world of difference.
25. I am really lucky to have such close relationships with my sisters and mother. Christine and I are true Irish twins. Now that I have children, I can't imagine taking care of two babies, born in the same year! Wow, good thing Mom was 22 at the time...
26. I miss my mom and dad. I miss my sisters. It feels weird to be so homesick at my age. At my age. Shouldn't I be more "grownup" about this?
27. I am getting to know my husband's father and stepmother, stepbrother, and youngest brother- and that's cool. We have not had much time with them, and it's great to see the kids getting to know them too.
28. Both my brother-in-law and my husband like to work with metal. That's great, because I love metal too. I'm attracted to it when I drive by junk yards, or spot things at flea markets or antique stores. I hope to learn about making charms and things this year.

29. There are all sorts of cool metal hinges and things in the barn. I can't wait to go exploring.
30. And our property too- I look forward to the spring, when I can get out and see what's growing here.

31. At my parents house, there are spots in the field behind the house that old household bits and pieces come up out of the ground. I hope to find something like that here!!

OK- 10 more to go...
hugs- Lee


Lori said...

Lee, this list i like much sound more optimistic...i hope when the spring comes and you get out to explore your property, that you will fall in love with your new home!!!

The Other Side of Me said...

Hi Lee,

Seeing you on the webcam yesterday was great. Why weren't we doing that before???? Anyway, your lists are great. Keep going. Remember, we are only 42, many more great years ahead. Paris and 50!!!

Love you,

BNM said...

Hia BNM here ,

Just thought I'd pop over to see what my parallel life was like. See you in the new year because I think I've just burnt the kids toast.


natalea said...

Lee, I love your list..and just think how young you really many more adventures to have.
xo natalea