Dec 2, 2009

Where, Oh Where Are My Followers

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeell, don't know what happened to my followers? And what happened to all of the blog I followed? They're missing from Blogger site. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr. SIGH. Will have to start over. But hey, I know who you were!

hugs- Lee

I guess it was a glitch. Thank goodness!


Susy said...

mine are missing too. ???

Dorthe said...

Hi Lee,
seems we are back again,
I too experiensed something like that ,some time ago.
Well as, you say, -if it happens for real, we know whom we all are, and be sure I will be back if the accident is there.

Debbi said...

It's happened to me, too! You can usually still find the blogs that you follow in Google Reader, immediately below and to the right of the box where the updates normally show on your dashboard. I'll bet it'll right itself in a few hours, although mine has lasted for a couple of days a time or two. Good Luck! You're still coming up in our lists though!

Blasé said...

Lee, what you just said doesn't make any sense at all. Your Followers are all there. My handsome face is in the mix.

Sounds like you need a shot of some sort??

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

Hey, your post showed up on my dashboard so maybe Blogger hasn't gotten to me yet. I'd HATE if if all my "stuff" disappeared. But, some of the people I follow I am never, ever notified that they blog.

Tracy Suzanne said...

Oh poor thing. I hate it when something like that happens. Thats when I'm cursing technology.
I hope your able to retrive it.

Hugs...Tracy :)

Lori said...

blogger is being REALLY weird...i am having trouble publishing my comments too???

The Peach Tart said...

That happens to me a few times a month but luckily they always come back:)

The Lone Dollier said...

This happened to me the other day. Scared the living daylights out of me, but guess Google was updating their system.


Angela said...

I'm here!! Thanks for checking out my cross, I just can't decide if it's too thick, something's just not right. Anyway, I didn't see the angel wings at Dawn's, did she do them or buy them? hope all is well there!
love ya,

Tam said...

blogger gets a little funny sometimes but I still love blogger.