Mar 29, 2008

Sour milk and sour grapes

I made Adam oatmeal this morning. It smelled SO good. I love the maple and brown sugar flavor. I put some milk on it to cool it down- he doesn't like thing too hot. I noticed somethng smelled off, but couldn't place it. Was it my nose? Am I hormonal? Definitely not pregnant. So, I give it too him, he starts to eat. Then the light bulb goes off in my head- is it the milk? I smell the carton- hmmmmmm, not too bad. I take a sip. OOOOOOOMMMMMMMGGGGGGGGGGG. It's on the verge of bad! **spit** GAG* GAG* GAG* spit**. I almost retched.

Adam got one spoonful in his mouth- hopefully not too much. I made him a new bowl and he was fine. But I cannot get the nasty taste- or the memory of it- out of my mouth. BLECH!!!!!!!!!!!!

So that's the sour milk part. Here is the sour grapes part. We enrolled Jason in the local Catholic school. Technically it is in the next county over, but it's closer than ours. So we're switching parishes. But, too make a a long story short, we will have to pay non-parishoner tuition for THREE YEARS. Holy cash cow! That's going to be tough. But we both want it, and believe it is very important to have Jason there.

((SIGH)). Guess I'm going to have to work more.

Mar 26, 2008

Still struggling.

I find myself so blessed with a great husband and healthy, adorable children. But sometimes it doesn't feel like enough. Or maybe it is, but I need other things too. I need to be myself. To dig in dirt, read a book, paint and slop and play- uninterrupted.

Uninterrupted. Oh, what a luxury. I think it is hard for my family to understand sometimes. Hard for them to understand that I chose to be a mom, choose to stay at home a lot, choose this life- but that'd I'd like to have down time too. Of course, rationally we know we all need it, but to actually get it is like pulling teeth.

I need it like I need water and food. I need it to stay sane, to keep from screaming at my kids. I need to have it without feeling guilty. Without being told- well, I never had it.

I have ideas bouncing around in my head that I have to get out. I need time to create. It relaxes me on a very deep level. I know many of you out there understand it. Wish you were closer!

Hopefully, today will give me some time. How about you?

Mar 25, 2008

Little Easter Bunnies

My little boys were the typical little bunnies- eating candy as soon as they got up, searching for eggs, and enjoying all day fun.

We spent the day here, and then went to Chris' mom's for dinner. Every year there is an egg hunt, and the two boys made out well (too well). Not only are there chocolate kisses and quarters in the eggs, but Mom Mom makes them their own basket, complete with candy and presents!

After eating there, we headed over to my sister's house for my family get together. Needless to say, we didn't each much... but we sure did enjoy the company!

We wouldn't be able to do any of this without our Saviour. I hope your Easter was joyful!

Mar 20, 2008


Well, it's almost officially Spring... halleluja! The bluebirds have been here for awhile, and the robins arrived a week or two ago. I even heard some spring peepers last night! I love that sound. It reminds me of living at home, with the creek and pond nearby, and all of the croaky, gurgly sounds that went with them. My crocus, hyacinth, tulips and daffodils are starting to bloom. My lovely peonies are peeking their sleepy heads up. So are the irises. Wow- how I love to garden! I may even give a vegetable garden a try this year, but with all of the deer around here, it's kind of a gamble. If anyone out there has some tips, send them my way!

Easter is fast approaching this weekend. The boys have the cutest outfits and fresh haircuts. Add something fresh to your home and head on over to the shoppe and grab some goodies- most of which have been marked down.

Tammy and I are working furiously to get our inventory up. We're both trying new things- fabric transfers for me and jewelry for her. Mother's Day will keep us busily crafting!

Happy Easter and Spring to all of you out there!

hugs- Lee

Mar 18, 2008

My Newest Baby

Here it is! All handstitched and beaded my me. Available at Birds at Etsy.

Mar 16, 2008


Most of our Easter items are on sale- so please head on over to the shoppes and buy yourself a little something!

Mar 11, 2008


What are you obsessed with? I've always loved to drive around the countryside and look at the old farmhouses. I get that from my mom- she loves it too. I like to try to peek into the windows as we drive by, imagining the lives of the people, past and present. What are the rooms like? Are there old rugs on the floors? What does it smell like? Are the ceilings high or low? You get what I mean.

So I've been trying to find some old photos to play with. And I did, and this is my latest project. I'm going to do a series of 4 ATCS, based on season. I did the first today, called Vernal Equinox.

I also experimented with doing an ink jet transfer- my new favorite!!! What a cool result. These two are done on an old linen napkin, complete with my mom's inititals in one of the corners. I'm thinking small pillows, or maybe something frame-able. Like a collage or something.
What do you think?

Mar 9, 2008

For a minute I thought we were in Kansas...

We had some WILD weather here yesterday. The past few days have been wet and foggy. Finally, after a few, short, very intense downfalls, the sun came out. Adam, the littlest one, came to me and said "outshide" and "soos" (shoes). After putting on my socks and shoes, I came down to find him walking around with his favorite jacket and sneakers in hand, calling "mama." This kid has a one-track mind!

So out we went. The kids went straight for the puddles- of course- and I puttered around. ABout 20 minutes later, the wind kicked up, but it was sunny, so I paid it no mind. Well, I guess when the neighbor walked by, shouted something and pointed behind me, I should have paid attention!! About 5 minutes later, the sky was black and a very weird shade of yellowy brown. The wind gusts started, so I scooped Adam up and dashed for the house. It seemed like all hell was going to break loose- and I kid you not- I looked to the sky for a tornado!! It was that bad. It rained buckets, and blew hard, but this house is SO sturdy that nothing happened.

The moral of the story- none. But, spring is on it's way, and my crocuses and hyacinth are coming up. Halleluja!

Mar 7, 2008

Sweet girls and their bonnets.

This pretty little easter chickie is waiting for a new home. Please go check her out here, at our Etsy shop!

hugs- Lee

Mar 3, 2008

Happy Birthday, my little boy!

Adam turned 2 yesterday. Wow- where has the time gone? He had a rough time when he was born, and spent 7 days in the hospital. Since then we've had the typical bumps and bruises, but not much keeps him down. He is sweet, and funny, and onery, and smart. He is a true joy and blessing!

Here's to many, many more birthdays, little one. Don't grow up too fast!

Love, Mommy

Mar 2, 2008

The Easter Bunny is Coming!

Go check out these sweet offerings at Birds of a Feather, hand made by me! My partner in crime, Tammy, has put some amazing stuff up too. So, go pick out some goodies for your basket!!