Feb 27, 2010

Nurse Fabric Collage

I recently began participating in K.C. Willis' online class at Collage Camp. Via video, K.C. takes you step-by-step through the creation of her signature fabric collages. To do this class, I had to go and get fabric. Some I found at thrift stores, some I bought on sale (because you know I got rid of a lot of fabric before moving, of course). Then I coffee stained it and jumped in.

This is how "Mercy" turned out. There still still may be some fine tuning. My next collage is already started.
Next, I will apply everything I've learned in K.C.'s Marketing Mindset, and get my art out there. That's my goal for 2010, to get out there.

So, let me know your thoughts. And Mercy is for sale, just email me.

Hugs- Lee

Feb 22, 2010

Cool Images

Here are some sweet eggs plates for you to enjoy. I'm off to nap.

hugs- Lee

Feb 19, 2010

Art Retreat Announcement

This fall I will proudly be hosting KC Willis, of Lipstick Ranch, for a weekend of mixed media fun. Yes, the photo below really is my farm. My friend Angela took this amazing photo back before we bought it.
photo courtesy of Angelaschwartzphotography.com

Mixed Media in Maine, KC Willis Workshop, at my Chickadee Creek Farm, New Gloucester, Maine, Saturday and Sunday, October 2-3, 2010.

This will be an exciting class in KC Willis’ signature fabric collage style, brimming with ideas, techniques and inspiration. Enjoy this special time with KC in the beautiful Maine countryside, surrounded by Fall colors, in the heart of Chickadee Creek Farm. This 100 year-old farm house and gorgeous, worn barn will host the class by day and a delicious Lobster Boil Saturday night.

The 10 students who will enjoy this intimate setting are in for a real treat! This class will change the way they look at mixed media art, and the life dedicated to being an artist. The workshop is open to all levels. Beginners will find it very do-able and the more experienced will enjoy the point of view that KC teaches.

This two-day workshop is $420, with most supplies included. See KC's site and put a deposit in today!

Now, how's that sound? I hope you will join us in the fun retreat.

Feb 16, 2010

I Am Lucky

Three roses from my 3 boys.

I received some wonderful goodies in the mail this week. Tammy sent me a wonderful planter, almost the exact shade of blue of the kitchen cabinets. She filled it with cards and a notebook, and some wonderful earrings! Can you see how dainty the rhinestone is? Tammy is very talented, and if you hurry on over to either of our shops, you can pick a pair up for yourself!

My wonderful friend Luz surprised me with a box full o' valentines! Inside the little bag were additional surprises- hearts, glitter and tickets.

My sister sent me a gorgeous crystal lamp! (JC Penney wouldn't let me copy the photo- but go see it!) That may seem like an odd gift, but Christine remembered that I had said I wanted one- and so she ordered it for me! And with all the rooms in this house, we need lamps. Now I just need another to make a matching pair!
My husband gave me some music, candy, and an external hard drive, which I really wanted. My in-laws gave me a great dinner, complete with cake and a certificate good for a free night of babysitting! Wooo hooo! My other mother-in-law gave me some money, which went towards supplies for Collage Camp. And my mom sent me this amazing 3-D card, complete with a girl on a swing. It's lovely.

Aren't friends and family great? ((hugs))- Lee

Feb 12, 2010

It's My Birthday!!

By this time, 43 years ago, I was already born- first thing in the morning! On the way into the hospital, my mom lost a shoe in a snow bank. She said she crossed her legs in the elevator. I was out by the time my dad parked tha car!! Guess I was in a hurry!

Isn't this cake amazing?? I'll take whatever cake I get, but this is cool. Usually, being so close to Valentine's day, I get heart shaped cake. That used to bother me- I felt like it wasn't personal enough. Now? Who cares, bring it on! Chocolate, vanilla, orange, sprice, carrot- love them all!

I can't say that I have a favorite birthday gift. When I turned 21, me and my college roommates met my family at a restaurant. The weather was icy and terrible, and I remember a long slippery drive back to college! When I turned 30, I met Tammy in NYC and we went to see Sunset Boulevard. That was fun. When I turned 40, my sister had a family dinner for me at her house. It's always great to be surrounded by family.

Turning 50 will be different. Tammy and I will be in Paris!

What's your favorite birthday?

Hugs, Lee

Feb 7, 2010

Winter in Maine

The day we moved in to our new house, in was snowing. It's snowed a lot since! It's been snowy and cold and windy, and usually no one really wants to go outside. Not really.

looking at the house, from the top field.

Today is was sunny and gorgeous- cold, but sunny. We all bundled up and headed outside. We walked the fields, checked out the fences, the frog pond, the frozen creek, and our out buildings. We discovered that there is a skunk in a rocky, brushy area near the red tractor barn. I'm all for live and let live, but this one is going to have to move on!

from the bottom of the bottom field.
Daddy, the boys, and the skating dog.
Adam and me on the frog pond.
I leave you with some outside pictures, this time. Tomorrow I'm off to shadow for 4 hours at the hospital. I anticipate taking the position, but you never know...

enjoy!! Lee

Feb 5, 2010

A Few Additions

Here are a few things I've put up in the kitchen. Enjoy. (I have nothing else to write about!)

Hugs, Lee

Photo Troubles

I have been trying to upload photos, to show you some things we've done, but I think my version of Picasa has become corrupted. SO, off to remove and re-install! Be back later!