May 15, 2013

Mail Call!

Gotta love getting fun stuff in the mail- and this bottle chock full of stuff is no exception!

What a wonderful surprise! In this day and age of electronic correspondence, I think we've all forgotten how fun it is to get REAL mail.

This wonderful treasure came from my blogger friend Terri Kahrs, from Pringle Hill Studio. I have long admired her work, and we became friends via tons of emails, texts, and phone calls. This is a woman I need to meet in person!!

THANK YOU Terri, for sending my such a wonderful pick-me-up! Now, let's meet up in New Hope and get some ART on!

What cool thing have you received in the mail??

Hugs, Lee

May 11, 2013

Some Things Are Free

A few weeks ago, I received an email asking me to review a medical scrub top. At first I ignored it, but when the company emailed me again, I agreed.

I chose a navy blue, 3 pocket v-neck tunic-style scrub top, from Adar Medical Uniforms.

We construct our medical uniform garments of superior poplin fabric that is substantially hefty, yet incredibly lightweight to wear. A 65% polyester/35% cotton blend ensures that our uniforms do not easily crease or stain but continue to look fresh after hours of wear.

I like this kind of nurses scrub top, due to the large pockets. Nurses carry all sorts of stuff, like syringes, alcohol wipes, scissors and lots more! This particular top also has a breast pocket, which is a great spot to hang your ID from.

The scrub top was neatly folded and packaged in plastic when I got. It was kind of stiff from the sizing, but it didn't have that chemical smell that they sometimes due when they are fresh out of the package.

I ordered a medium, and it is a bit large. It is not a universal scrub top, so I have to say that it runs a bit big. I don't like my tops too tight across the shoulders or underarms, but this is a bit boxy. I would probably try a small too.

I  washed the scrub top, and it held it's shape nicely. It doesn't look like it shrunk at all. The stitching is nice and tight. The only drawback to this top is that is comes out of the dryer a bit wrinkled. Now, I have to admit, I never iron my scrubs. Usually I take them out of hot dryer and they are fine. This time, the dryer had started to cool down a bit. so that may be the culprit.

I'd definitely by a shirt of this quality! They are offering a 15% discount on all merchandise, using this coupon code for this blog is: "trueblue" which is 15% off until July 31st 2013.

The scrub top is mine to keep, and I will happily wear it. I was not given any other compensation for this review. You can check the company out in these places:

Twitter: @UniformedScrubs Pinterest:

May 4, 2013

Happy Saturday

It's been a busy week! Jason had a riding lesson Monday. I worked Tuesday. Wednesday I was off, and headed for a much-needed doctor's appointment. Thursday and Friday were crazy at work!

My parents and sister are at a show this weekend in NY, so we've been getting ready all week too. We didn't go, for many reasons. I had to work, for starters. I also not sure that Jason is really ready to show, so why go and spend the money? So, I'm farm sitting on this beautiful Saturday!

Last night was Adam's Spring Concert. He and Jason both attend a charter school, so the concert was held at the local high school (in a brand new auditorium, I might add). I think the first graders do the same show every year, because each of the six groups has costumes, and the music is pre-recorded.

Adam was an Army ant! There were butterflies, lady bugs, grasshoppers, and a few others. Each group not only sang along with the music, but they each danced too!! The staff at Avon Grove Charter School did an amazing job!

All in all, it only lasted 45 minutes, but it really was entertaining. And seeing Adam up in stage just made me smile!

Enjoy Captain Toothless!