Oct 20, 2014

Art Repeats - Artists Cafe

I was reading some old posts, and saw that almost a year ago I announced that a piece of art was being published again in Artists Café.

Well, folks, I have been blessed again and just got a notification that another piece will be featured:

Your article “The Man Who Flew too Close to the Sun,” which appeared in the March 2012 issue of Somerset Apprentice, has been chosen to appear in Artists’ Café 2014, a annual publication in which we revisit the best of Somerset mixed-media.

How cool is that? I found this picture of the piece (and it is not the best picture). I only wish I knew where the altered book was... Somewhere in storage...

I have been looking to submit again. I keep checking the Stampington site for calls and challenges. It's inspiring and intimidating at the same time, you know?

In that same vein, I recently made some tags and tag kits, and listed them on Etsy. In all honesty, I'm pretty sure they won't EVER sell, as there is so much on Etsy (it used to be a cool place for handmade art, now it's a place for resellers and not-so-handmade art). But, it was kind of a challenge to myself to start doing again. It's the doing that's important.

“Don't think about making art, just get it done. Let everyone else decide if it's good or bad, whether they love it or hate it. While they are deciding, make even more art.”
Andy Warhol

However, if you're interested, buying is good too.


Oct 3, 2014

Thanks for the reminder

So, I did THIS to my finger today:

I shut it in a door at work. As I walked through the doorway, I reached behind me and grabbed the handle with my last three fingers and gave it a hard pull, leaving my index finger in the perfect position to get crunched. I couldn't breathe for a minute when I did it. My finger wouldn't move, I was afraid to look.

I was unpleasantly surprised to find it bleeding. In hindsight this is a blessing, because the blood isn't building up underneath the nail = pressure= OUCH.

It seems weird to consider something painful as a blessing, doesn't it? But I am sure it would be hurting a lot worse right now if it hadn't bled. I also managed to shut my finger in the door right in the middle of the nail, vs. at the knuckle, which would have been really bad.

Pain is a part of life. Sometimes it's a big part, and sometimes it isn't, but either way, it's part of the big puzzle, the deep music, the great game. Pain does two things: It teaches you, tells you that you're alive. Then it passes away and leaves you changed. It leaves you wiser, sometimes. Sometimes it leaves you stronger. Either way, pain leaves its mark, and everything important that will ever happen to you in life is going to involve it in one degree or another.
Jim Butcher

Well, I know this pain will leave its mark, and hopefully my nail won't fall off in the process. In all honesty, I could do without the sore finger, especially since it's my dominant hand. However, sometimes these mishaps serve as a reminder that things could be worse. If we don't experience pain, how can we appreciate love and joy and beauty?

So, I am thankful for the reminder. And I'm also thankful for all of the other wonderful, and not so wonderful, things in my life. I'm lucky.

What are you thankful for?