Sep 29, 2009

We're Back!

I'm going to say, from the get-go, that this house is BIG. Like HUGE. Like- really, really big. Probably too big for us, but who cares- you only live once! And, of course, this isn't a done deal yet, with financing and stuff to be approved. BUT, the bid has been accepted.
middle and front
middle and front
back , this will probably be an apartment

We headed up at 2 a.m. on Saturday. The kids slept through most of the ride, which was nice. It was a gloriously sunny day out, and my in-laws and bro-in-law headed out to see the place. Of course, we couldn't get into the house, but we prowled around the barn, the out building, and the ground. I have to admit, I forgot how big the barn is. There's the main barn, plus a milking parlor to the side. There are stall in the barn, as well as some coops. And three floors- yes THREE. Lots of old doors and windows, and dirt and dust. But it looks to be in good condition. The roof leaks some, but most barn roofs do.
milking parlor
side view, overgrown!
back entrance

The fields haven't been mowed, which would have helped their appearance. They are fenced, but I didn't walk the fenceline as it was too overgrown. The areas to the side and back of the barn haven't been kept up either. That's going to take some work. Can you say bush hog?

Sunday we had an appointment to look at the house. It rained all day, so I am really glad we go to go on Saturday too. Again, I forgot how big the place is. It was a little scary. Part of me was screaming- "what have we done?!?" The main "problem" of the house is that there isn't a bathroom in the front, upstairs. Two baths are located in the middle part of the house, down the hallway. It made me concerned about little boys trying to go in the middle of the night.
one of the many bedrooms

The house has also been vacant for over a year, which means plenty of dead bugs and dust around. It needs a good cleaning, which we'll hire someone to do. With moving and everything else, it's just too much on my plate.

There's plenty of remodeling to be done. Good thing hubby is so handy. We'll probably have an architect come in to give us ideas.

What do you think? Are we crazy?
hugs- Lee

Sep 25, 2009

Are We There Yet??

We are heading to Maine this weekend. We're looking at the house that we put a bid on. We've looked at it before, but we're going again. Hope we still like it!!

Catch ya' later- Lee

Sep 24, 2009


I had my mammogram yesterday. It's negative. I am lucky. Very lucky. Two years ago, when I had my first mammogram, I was convinced I'd have breast cancer. I was terrified. My friend S. had had a double mastectomy the year before- at 38. After three months of three different doctors telling her the small lump she felt was nothing. Nothing. It wasn't nothing. It was cancer.

My brave friend J. just had a mastectomy this summer. It take courage to face these things- chemo, radiation, surgery, and an uncertain future. Courage.

I take care of cancer patients every day. They come to have ports inserted or removed. They come to have drains removed, nephrostomy tubes replaced. Every time I have a woman who's port is being removed, I congratulate her. It is a small victory. It is hard to hide the tears. I do not show them. It is not my place. But I am moved.

Would I have the courage to face these things? Would I have the grace to accept the fate God had chosen for me? I don't now. I hope so. Please go pass on some love and condolences here. Show your support. This family needs your prayers.

Go get your mammogram, your colonoscopy, and your pap smear done. Don't waste a single moment of your precious life.

hugs- Lee

Sep 20, 2009

done deal

We sold the house today. I am a little overwhelmed. I love this house. I'll keep you posted.
UPDATE: we put a bid in on a house today, a farmette really. Keep you fingers crossed.

Sep 16, 2009

Nothing Much

To say... it's been a busy week. The roads have been tied up around here while these gigantic steam generators wheel through on their way to Three Mile Island (remember the reactor meltdown??) As you can see, lots of people turned out to watch the 800 ton thing go by- even the Amish. Everyone kept saying "we'll never see this again." My reply: "Who would want to?" Hey, I can catch this on Modern Marvels.

I bought a pair of these, as it rained about 2 inches in 2 days this past weekend. I have asked for them three Christmases running, to no avail. Finally, after feeling I like I was going to turn into a duck, I caved an ordered them online. Guess I really will be a Maniac soon.

Jason's first adult tooth popped through. Now we just have to get the baby tooth wiggly and out.

We have someone coming to look at the house tomorrow for the second time. The couple is very interested and has sold their house already. Could be bid coming... Maine is becoming more a of a reality. Now, if I can just get picky husband to find a house he likes...

What have you been up to?? Oh, and if you want to read a really funny blog, go see Blase.

Sep 14, 2009

You Never Know

Someone out there sent me a really sweet email the other day, letting me know that something I had done had had a great impact on her life. It was very touching, very emotional for me. I found myself actually getting teary-eyed.

At first, I thought, well it wasn't that big of a deal. I didn't want any credit for what seemed like a RAK.

But then I rethought that idea. First, was it really random? Where did the idea come from? I know what my answer is, but what is your's?

Second, maybe I should allow myself a little bit of credit. It's OK to pat myself on the back a little, now and then. It's good for the spirit, for the self-confidence. For me, things have been a bit rough lately. I've been taking a beating at the hands of someone above me, and it's really been stressful. This email was like a salve on my heart. It did me as much good to do the act and hear that it touched someone else, as the good it did this other person.

The moral of my story is to spread goodness whenever you can, you never know how big the impact may be.

OK- off the soap box... go spread some love.

Sep 13, 2009

Another Goodie Giveaway!

This past spring I had the pleasure of meeting Angela at Girls Weekend. Let me tell you, she is one talented cookie. And funny as heck!

She just hit her 100th post- so go give her some bloggey love at Miss Molly Cottage. And tell her I sent ya'. hugs- Lee

Sep 11, 2009

We Remember

For all of those who fell on this day- in the Towers, at the Pentagon, falling in a plane from the sky in Pa.- we remember.

I was at work on Sept. 11 and we had tv's in all of the rooms. We watched the horror all day long. We got the hospital ready for incoming, we sent people and equipment north. And in the end, no one lived for us to take care of. It was heartbreaking. I was shell shocked for months.

I hope our world is improving. I hope we learn tolerance. I hope we savor each and every day.

Sep 7, 2009

French Larkspur Giveaway

Tracey, from French Larkspur, is getting ready to launch her online store. It is an amazing array of French-Nordic decor. Creamy white and blue, flax and silver- and much more! Go check her out, tonight is the drawing for a $150 gift certificate.

hugs- Lee

Sep 6, 2009


These party favors are on sale now at They would be perfect for a baby or bridal shower, or a sweet hostess gift. There's only one set of each, so hurry on over!

hugs- Lee

Sep 3, 2009

Missing My Friend

I'm sure all of you out there have these days- when you miss someone acutely. I miss Tammy today.

I was getting dressed this morning, and pulled out a pair of jeans she gave me on our trip to the Farm Chicks show. It was sort of startling to realize that almost 3 months have passed since we went. Time really does fly by, in leaps and bounds. When no one is watching. The summer is gone, and fall is fast approaching. I just heard geese honking as they flew by this morning. Are they heading south so soon?
Then I pulled out the belt I bought there, with the cool buckle I got from Lisa. Then put on the earrings Tammy made me for our Girls Weekend. It made me miss Tammy all the more.

Again, as I've said before. Tammy and I have a special bond and deep love for each other. We met, so many years ago, at Rosemont College. We became close, lived together, and ultimately have stayed together through thick and thin. We hoped to live near each other, but that's not in the cards, right now anyway. We have both said that when we are older, we'll live together in a little house at the beach. Sounds like heaven. Love you girl!