Sep 27, 2010

A Little More Sneaky Peeky

OK gals, this is just a little of what's coming... we're due to launch the Fall Zine in the first week of October! Tammy and I have been hard at work, with Tammy doing ALL of the layout. (I think it's time I do some PE classes). Natalea Kanderfer is back, with an amazing 2 page journaling spot. And Tracey Leber, of French Larkspur, has chimed in with some sugary goodness.

This 36 page issue is FULL of eye candy. You can pre-order here:

Don't miss this issue! hugs, Lee

Sep 16, 2010

Number Goodness

Ok, I have a thing for numbers. There. I admitted it.
Why? I don't know. I m attracted to numbers and letters, actually.

(These aren't mine- any of them- I'm just lusting after them.)

Paper ones- you name it. If I could bid on all the ones listed on eBay, I would.
And metal?!? Don't even get me started. I have a drawer full. I love to browse eBay and see what's out there. I also have to say, some are ridiculously priced. I mean, I would love a nice, big cow ear tag, but not for what they're listed for. SIGH.
My barn and tractor shed have some old cool tags from the lightning rod company that installed the system back in the 70s. Trust me- it's taken all my self-control to not rip those things right off.
Here's the best of both worlds...
What do you have a fetish for like?

Sep 13, 2010

Some Painted Walls

Ok folks, here's some more renovations. This is the ugly green walls and lovely wallpaper we've been stuck with. The stupid chimney doesn't even work!! There was a fire in the house may years ago, and it's capped in the attic.

Turned into this:

Doesn't the chimney look better?

The living room is L-shaped. I chose two different colors, so that it doesn't look like a big white box. The one side is white, the other side is cream color- better than the green!!

Ignore the stain, it came out with a good cleaning.
I also tackled the back hallway, which is high traffic and gets dirty fast. Right now, this is just Kilz, but isn't it nice and bright? I'm going to keep the doors white, and do a big blackboard in the middle. I'd love to do the whole area in black and white.
It's hard to tell, but this in a dingy cream, lots of dings and dirt. The floors are pretty gross, but not in the budget to change right now.The door you can see on the right is had holes in it, which were spackled. This are goes into a whole other room- mostly recycleables, the large freezer and some other stuff.
My little helper.

So, I'm kind of "painted out" right now. hehehe. I'm making curtains for the living room out of drop cloths. They look like linen, which is awesome, and they cost a mere $40 for what will turn into 8 pairs (after I cut and hem the edges). Can't beat that!!

hugs- Lee

PS- I think I'm going to paint this tile floor black and white checker!

Sep 5, 2010


Just a little peek at what Tammy and I are up to... all 36 pages will be available verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry soon.

Wanna pre-order?? Go see us over at Twigs & Feathers.