Sep 30, 2012

Ghosts and Goblins

The ghosts and goblins have been messing with us a bit, I think... it's getting to that time of year, right? Little wrenches have been thrown into the selling of the house, but as of now, we are still set to go to settlement on Halloween! Oh, the irony!!

My children, for the most part, have been good boys, not too goblin-y! School is going well, and they seem to be making friends. Thank God for having cousins close by, or I think we might be having more problems with loneliness. We don't know anyone yet to have playdates with. I hope that changes in the next few months.

As for the ghosts, well, that's what you encounter when you move back into your childhood home. It's odd, to move back as an adult, because to my parents, I'm still their child. I have to say, the parent-child role thing doesn't really come up, but there are shades of it everywhere. Sometimes that's a good thing. Sometimes it's not.

We have been really blessed, coming back and landing for a bit while we get the house sold. It is an amazing time for the kids, getting to know my parents and life on the farm. They are positively blossoming with the experiences here:
  • Riding the ponies.
  • Helping with barn chores.
  • Learning to be comfortable with animals.
  • Playing almost every day with cousins, and getting to know aunts and uncles better.
  • Getting really dirty.
  • Learning that haylofts are fun, but straw and hay can be sharp on soft skin.
  • Heading to the local Amish farm for fresh produce, especially gigantic pumpkins!!

And so our journey continues. Giving up the farm in Maine and moving back to Pa. has definitely been bittersweet. I'm sure when we move into a house, with no barn, no fields, no animlas, that the reality will really sink in. But we can always return to my parents' place for a fix!

Sep 10, 2012

Under Contract!!

Well, it happened! About a week ago we got an offer, and came to an agreement this weekend. The contracts are signed, and now we just have to hear the results of the inspection and appraisal. I don't anticipate any real problems, but.... you never know. If things all go well, our settlement date is 10/31- Halloween!!

I also got a job, and am in the middle of getting my Pennsylvania licensure. Let's just say that the state is not fast, and doesn't make it easy. I have been drug tested and fingerprinted. I think it's appropriate, given my job, however, in this day and age of digital info- it really should be speedier. That, and if PA was a compact state, I could already be working on my Maine license. But, nooooooooooooooo, you have to obtain a slow-as-molasses PA license.

This delay will at least give me time to run up to Maine and finish packing. Ugh. Double ugh.

Can I just say I hate cortisol?? Seriously, my levels must be through the roof- and my weight is following. Crap. I have put on 5 pounds in one week. I did start running again, but only twice last week. The kids and I farm-sat for my parents this weekend, so the days that I should have been running were filled with barn chores and RAIN. Lots and losts of rain- like build an ark rain. Oh well.

Today is unbelievably lovely- in the 70s, sunny, bright blue sky, and breezy. Just like Maine. Maybe I brought the cool weather with me??

Hugs, Lee

Sep 2, 2012

Clenched Teeth and Smiles

So... moving, yeah. It was an ordeal. No lie. My last post was cheerfully written, but honestly it's been a mixed bag.

We spend most of the spring getting the Maine house ready for sale- painting, cleaning, installing a new bathroom that I'll never get to enjoy. I packed up the SUV five times and hauled it to Good Will. I probably took as much to the dump. And still the house has a lot in it, which I will have to go back to pack up once the house sells (and it WILL sell!) That's sort of the kicker here- I will have to pack up everything- move it down, then move it again at some point when we buy a house.

I will tell you it is a bit surreal, moving back into my childhood home! My boy are in my old room, and I am in my sister's old room. Weird. But familiar, in the most amazing way. I know where things are. I know the steps that creak. I know how unbelievably HOT the water is. I know the sounds and smells of the place. Some things have changed, and some things haven't. It is home.

We drove down Thursday a week ago. The kids started school that Monday. We had to go in a bit late, finish giving the school what seemed like endless paperwork, then the kids went to their classes. I could tell Jason was nervous by the look on his face. He walked slowly. He looked liked he was going to balk. Every single pair of eyes in the class were on him. How intimidating! He handled it gracefully. I, on the other hand, burst into tears as soon as I got into the hallway.

Then we headed to Adam's school, about 12 minutes away. He began to cry as soon as we got in there. It was tough. So much guilt for moving my kids away from Maine and their friends- even though I know it's what we needed to do. I left him in the care of the teachers and turned my back and left. And cried some more.

I think, along with the guilt, that the physical and emotional tolls of the move a few days prior caught up with me that day. I came home and basically did nothing, cried on and off, then took a nap.I got a lot of support from my Facebook friends, who assured my children are resilient. And they are!

The next day, both boys were fine about going to school. No major meltdowns. No tears (from any of us).

So, next on the list is my new job. I'm just waiting on the paperwork from the state. IN the meantime, I'll have lots to share about life on the farm!