Feb 18, 2011

I Have A Piece in Somerset Apprentice

I am THRILLED to announce that I have some art being published next month in the Spring 2011 issue of Somerset Apprentice. The whole magazine is LOVELY! My internet pal Marilyn Healey submitted a round robin book that I had some work in. I am thankful she sent it in.

Somerset Apprentice showcases some really lovely work, but the added bonus is each piece has instructions so you an try it yourself! It's like a mini-workshop!

I would love to show some sneak peaks, but for some reason my scanner won't "talk" to my lap top. I need to figure that one out, since the printer works (same machine!!).

Please enjoy, and go order!

Feb 17, 2011

Mended Altered Book Page

This is flying across the pond today, to her new owner.

The theme for this month's page is "mended." Of course, some bizarre stuff floated through my head, mainly body parts roughly stitched on with the thought "I don't know if this can be fixed." HOWEVER... not too sure if Wendy would have enjoyed it. Maybe I should just make a macabre book for me.... hehehe

Hugs- Lee

Feb 15, 2011


OK, so I'm a day late... but this cool folding heart is part of my goodies sent by Sally, as mentioned in my last post. She made it herself- clever girl!!


Feb 7, 2011

Paper Digital Art- Interpretations "Handwritten"

I know I've mentioned Paper Digital Arts before. It's a great online community for sharing art, joining groups and swaps, plus tons of free images. Best of all- it's free.

Our theme this month was handwritten. I had tons of ideas, some pretty, some kind of odd. That's the cool thing about these themes, you can run in whichever direction you want.

So I started by trying to make a hand out of wire. I wanted it kind of skeleton looking, but I couldn't get it to bend the way I wanted.  I think I may need a thinner wire. I envisioned it looking kind of Terminator-like, with some scratched message on the page behind it. Oh well, maybe I'll revisit someday...

I made her instead. Her first set of wings were made from a sheet of transparency. They looked cool, but the acetate isn't forgiving- i.e, get a little glue on it, and it doesn't wipe clean. SO, they came off, and some guinnea feathers went on instead.

My page came from Sally. She did an amazing job:

Cool, huh?? Now go JOIN.
hugs- Lee

Feb 2, 2011

Got Me Some New Critters!

I have been missing my cat Peanut, who we lost this summer. She was a great lap cat, and loved to sit on me for a good scratch. So the boys and I headed out a few weeks ago and adopted two new boys from the local shelter:

Mati is a 10 y.o. Himmie. His is a big boy- 10 pounds- who loves to have a good scratch. He has figured out that he can soak up heat from the woodstove while being pretty inconspicuous!! He has amazingly HUGE blue eyes. Our pet name for him is Buddha Boy!

Spike is a crazy 5 y.o. Siamese mix. He has luxuriously soft fur, and blue eyes too. He runs around a lot at night, and likes to play with string. We think we may rename him Spaz!

hugs- Lee