Jun 24, 2009

Here She Comes Again

OK, OK, I know you've seen her a lot...

But one of the art calls for Stampington is for aubergine... and we know that's the color of royalty.

She can be the Queen of the Gypsies, no?

Jun 22, 2009

In Case You Were Wondering

The music playing on my blog is from the the soundtrack of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe. Isn't it wonderful? I love this movie, and have probably seen it 15 times. Well, actually, bits and piecs of it, when the kids watch it. But I watched it in it's entirety the other night, and remembered how much I liked it. The scenery and the score are amazing.

Wikipedia has a great deal of information on C.S. Lewis. A Christian convert later in his life, it has been said that this particular installation of the Narnia tales was based on Christ.

Lewis... preferred to call the Christian aspects of them "suppositional".

In reality, however, he (Aslan) is an invention giving an imaginary answer to the question, 'What might Christ become like if there really were a world like Narnia, and He chose to be incarnate and die and rise again in that world as He actually has done in ours?' This is not allegory at all.
Like any good movie or book, it's filled with archetypal figures: the hero, the martyr, the unbeliever, the innocent, the traitor, the evil one, and the savior.
I love the casting and costuming of the White Witch (Tilda Swinson). The costume department must have had a blast doing it! Especially in the battle scene, where she's driving the pair of polar bears. Magical!

Rent it and enjoy it! hugs- Lee

Jun 21, 2009

Chop Chop

Sometimes you just have to cut your hair. When it's becomes a security blanket. After it becomes who you are.

Ask anyone who's experienced radiation- hair is only the thing on your head. It's not you, it's just decoration.

You are strength, love, wisdom. You are the results of all the good and bad times. You are laughter and tears. You are perfect and imperfect. You are the rain that falls and the sun that shines. You are amazing. You are you. The person inside.

Who are you?

Jun 20, 2009

Last One

I know all of you are probably sick of hearing about the Farm Chicks, but there were so many great vendors with wonderful products, I just have to share!
Beth Quinn makes beautiful charms out of glass and silver. I chose the one that said "breathe." It's something I often tell my patients when they are in pain. It lets you focus your mind- and we can all use that at times!

Gal pals Isabel Lang of Maison Douce and Lisa of A Thing for Roses had wonderful items. I bought a lovely pack of yellow, teal, pink and white scraps of chenille. I've wanted some to play with, and this amount is just perfect. Lisa was sporting her blog badge, and Isabel had on a great vintagey utility apron.

Barbara, from Spyra Designs, recently moved west from Maine, so you know I had to stop and chat with her! She has gorgeous felted items, which I am sure I'm going to need in the great white North!

Tammy and I both bought some altered silk clothing from Franny and Faith of Altered Eco. Franny designs, Faith sews. (That's my dress that Faith is altering for me- right on the spot!) I have to admit, I saw them on Saturday and passed right on by. I thought the dresses were a little odd- silk dress with a crocheted top? But then I tried one on, and I was SOLD! These dresses are such a fashion statement!!

We met some really cool gals, Laura of WSU Laura, Timi of A Girl Named Timi, and Donna there. We chatted both days, and felt we'd met some kindred spirits. Too bad they live across the country!

It was a long weekend, but an amazing one. Thanks to all of you we met- we had a blast. Look us up if you're coming East. hugs- Lee

Jun 16, 2009

More Eye Candy

Tammy and I met such amazing people on our trip. We were standing in line on Sunday, waiting to get in, and chatting about our blog badges up with some charming ladies. They were amazed we came so far, and loved the badges. A sweet older woman in front of me turned and whispered "I'm Terri's mom. Shhhhh. Don't tell." As if. We clapped for her, and I think she was about bursting with pride. Terri- you're mom is a peach! I think her dad might have been there too, because an older gentleman came up to her and told her to go to the front of the line. Turns out he meant the "already paid yesterday and show your bracelet" line, which we flew through too.
Here are some great people, their shops, and some links to follow:

Coleen's Reflections: This talented lady has a blog you can go check out. Her whimsical creations are being published by Stampington in three mags (I think). She has a wonderful post on her blog about the Farm Chicks Show. She was a sweet and gracious lady!

The Cat's Pajamas: Could owner Carrie Berndt be any cuter? Her embellished jacket were really cool. Her buyer's policy, painted on a stand, made me laugh. Clever girl!

Unexpected Necessitites: Owners Kathy and Jennifer Walker were so cute in their aprons. Who can resist those kinds of finds that you just need to have?

I bought myself a lovely charm at Elaine Tolson's Vintage Charm. Her booth past chocked full of charms of all sorts and sizes. The charms, pressed between glass, are all the rage right now. This is her cute daughter, Liz- totally dressed for the day!

Enjoy- more later (Yes, there's more!) hugs- Lee

Jun 11, 2009

It was FUN! Part 1

As you know, Tammy and I headed out to the Farm Chicks Show this past weekend. I flew to Atlanta on Thursday, and caught of with Tammy, her SIL Judy (aka Junk Whisperer), and Dawn Edmonson. We had a leisurely afternoon, spent shopping at The Plum Tree and another warehouse filled with goodies. I bought some old feedbags and a cool German bird-shaped marzipan mold (I'd show you, but I forgot them at Tammy's house).

Friday, we left Atlanta and flew to Spokane, Washington, via Salt Lake City. It was a long day, but we lucked out and had no problems with our flight. We met nice people along the way too, which helps the day go by. The funniest thing happened when we picked up the rental car... Now, picture this, we're tired, hungry, from out of town, and yet when I ask for a map, the chick behind the counter says "we don't have any maps." I'm sorry, what?? At a car rental agency, at the airport, and you have no maps. How the heck are we supposed to get anywehere?? We're from out of state! "When we went green," she says, "we stopped giving out maps." Oh. And then to top it off, she didn't even ask "where are you going?" or offer directions. So much for Customer Service.

Turns out the guy at the next counter had one, so at least we got to the hotel. Oh- but we also had to call Tammy's husband (aka real Man)- BACK EAST- and have him mapquest it for us. Oy vey. Note to self- next time mapquest all possible destinations before we travel...

Saturday we headed to the Expo center a little early, around 8:30. We thought the show opened at 9, but instead it was 10. People were already in line!! It was overcast, breezy and a little chilly- there was no way we were waiting outside for an hour and a half. Especially because we knew we'd be on our feet all day. We went back to the hotel, grabbed our books, hit Starbucks, and read in the car until it was time to go. The line was four times longer when we finally got in line, but it went fairly quickly.

The first booth we hit was our favorite, Second Childhood Girlfriends. Coincidentally, we had met the girls, Karen Davis and Corinne Jarrett, at breakfast that morning. Their booth was filled with vintage finds, in a wonderful palette of cream, aqua, and pink. Each table had wonderful things to choose from. These girls can be found at the Monticello Antique Marketplace in Portland, OR.

This fabulous creamy tree was at the Emery Moran Heirloom Embellishments booth. Sweet, huh?

Amy Smith, of Candywinkel, was a hoot! We loved her booth, and she had the coolest boots ever! She sells great candles and candies, many of which are on vintage snack trays, planters, and all kinds of cool containers.

Sophia's had an amazing booth, filled with black and creamy fabrics and finds. Seriously, I may have considered buying if I didn't live so far away!

We ran into Debbie Nania and Shelly Hepler, the Mermaids of The Lake. These creative and smart women have a blog and and a publication for and about women. They had their blog badges on, and they were a blast! I think Tammy might have photos, I'll have to check.

Another favorite booth was artist Virginia Shawver's The Rusty Bird. She had lots of nests, eggs, vintage finds, and the most fun things made with bed springs!

Well, it's enough for now- wait until Part 2! And maybe 3, too!