Jul 4, 2013

Summer Daze, with side of rain

The summer is flying by. It's amazing how the weeks just disappear.This time last year, we were in Maine, enjoying a much cooler summer. It's been hot and rainy here in Pennsylvania. It rains almost every day. We had over 10 inches of rain in June, with the normal being 3!

There is  a pool down the road from my parents, and when the weather was good, it was an absolute God-send for the kids. Both boys have turned into little fishies- such a big change from last year! I'm sure both boys would benefit from lessons.


Jason is riding every week at a local barn. His pony is too green for him, so I ride her. Yeah, me the giant on this little pony. But, I am light enough for her to carry, and so we do our best. It would help if the ring wasn't so muddy and slick! I am sure you're dying for photos, but I can't find one just now. I will post one later.

Enjoy your holiday weekend. I am on-call, so I have to stick close to home. I am thankful to live in this country!