Dec 31, 2008

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

I wish all of you new adventures, wonderous journies, lots of love and happiness, pure faith and joy, in this new year!

hugs- Lee

Dec 29, 2008

I'm In Love....

Somerset in Love, that is!

This issue containing my first published work is now available! It is beautifully done, with lots of inspiring and pretty layouts for you to drool over (thank you Amanda Belle Nolan). I had an amazing time being a part of Marilyn Healey's brainchild. This magazine features two groups of books, as Marilyn had a red group and a pink group going. Mine was part of the pink group.

The two pages below are from my book. We each filled out a questionnaire about the how and why's of the project. You can read about each artist's inspiration and ideas in their chapter.

As you may notice, my style is distinctly different from many of the players in the group. I struggled with feeling like I was a big enough "player" to be included with these amazing gals. When I saw the images being included, and which one of mine had been picked, I had an anxiety attack over my style and "fitting-in"-ness. Marilyn assured me that she invited me because she liked my style. I can only hope to keep growing as an artist, and to be invited to play along in another fat book group.

This is a page from Kristen Robinson's book for the artists to sign in. I made Love Potion #9 bottle for each member of the group, so I'm assuming that's my tag it's attached to! These were made from tiny bottles, filled with some mica flakes.

This is from Kristen's book. I started out with some cabinet cards, and just got carried away with the idea of love driving her crazy. We've all experienced that, right? Imagine my horror when I received the next book, and it was more pink and fluff than I'd done! I thought "oh no, I'm totally on the wrong path!" But Kristen loved it, and totally "got" it.

This is from Laura Bray's book. It is a two page spread based on champagne- the nectar of love! I was a little disappointed in the photograph of this layout, because it doesn't do it justice.
The interesting thing about this is the dress and champagne are 3-D. Check out my photos and you can see the difference.

This is half of a two page spread in Heather Bluhm's book. This side is done on white corduroy, which made for some interesting texture. It was made to look like a page from a child's scrapbook. The other half was a woman holding her dog, with lots of layers of fabric and a small message pocket.

I hope you enjoy the pictures! Go to Stampington to order yourself a copy.
Hugs- Lee

Dec 23, 2008


to my dearest sister, and Irish twin, Christine!! I have never known what it is to be alone. We have always been thick as thieves. Thanks for everything you do for me, and with me.
Love, Lee

Dec 17, 2008

Don't Get Me Started

My kids are STILL sick. that's all I'm sayin' on that subject.

Anyhow- those of you who know me, know I love finding little bits of things that I love, that I think other people will love. I go on the hunt at flea markets, and especially eBay.

I'm not one of those people who will keep bidding up and up and get caught up in the game. I bid what I'm willing to spend, and that's it. The kicker is the shipping, which often can add a hefty amount to the bottom line (hello you eBayers- and you know who I'm talking about- how about making your shipping prices REAL...). I will not buy an item whose shipping is too high. I know that is part of the game- cheap price + higher shipping = less $ to eBay... I just don't feel like playing.

Anyhoooooooooooooow- my most recent fetish is mercury glass beads. They are so pretty! Not my usual style- BUT- I seem to have a knack for what people are looking for. I listed them yesterday and have sold 8 sets of them already. Woo Hoo.

the small pale pink are SOLD OUT- thanks** I still have medium pale pink.

Wouldn't you have bought these too?

Hugs- Lee
P.S. I have sold over 20 sets of these in 2 DAYS so far. If you're interested, go see LolliShops!!

Dec 15, 2008

A Little Glittery Goodness

Being surrounded by boys, I don't get to indulge myself in glittery, pretty, pink things very often. In addition, my littlest one's hands find it hard to stay away from most things in the house, making decorating difficult (my tree is pretty bare on the bottom).

So when Sadie proposed a contest to review one of the shops on LolliShops, I jumped! What better chance to browse around the site and look at some goodies. At stake here is an amazing basket of goodies from Sadie, and I cannot pass up the chance to win something.

That being said, I typed in German glass glitter into the search engine on the site and found this:

Lately I just LOVE all things tags... and Katie's Rose Cottage has a few to choose from.

Katie's wares are all beautifully photographed, with great prices. She has an assortment of soldered charms available, and a lovely snowman. Please go visit Katie's Rose Cottage and pick up some Christmas gifts.

Your Spiritual Number is Eight
You bring inspiration and success into people's lives.
You understand how the world works, and you have a knack for money.

Right now, your life is all about goals and progress.
This is nothing new though - you're always moving forward.

You have a lot of perspective in life. You are able to remove your emotions and see the big picture.
You usually bet right in life. You have are intuitive and win often.

Please Go Vote For Me!

The rusty challenge is finished and there are lots of fun entries. Please go check the site out and vote for me!

Again, thanks to Kim for all of her work. She has a shop, as well as the Paper and Digital Arts site. Go check them both out.

Dec 14, 2008

In My World... Altered Tin

This tin was done for a rusty challenge over at Paper Digital Arts and Images, the "child" of Kim Newberg. I rusted an Altoid tin, and then used it to create a sort of memory box. Requirements for the challenge were to use rusty nails, bottle caps, soda pop tops and something else- maybe paper clips? The title had to start with In My World. The piece also had to include a distressed piece of paper (any kind of paper) and an image from the collage sheets that Kim sent us (for free, I might add).

As you can see, the bottle cap I used was spray painted gold, and put behind the lovely photo to act as a frame. It represents and wonderful time in someone's life, perhaps mementos from a dance, or wedding. The title had to be In My World. The lyrics on the distressed music sheet are "there's a place that I see, when the days fades away." I added a string of pearls, a Victorian glove charm, and some old buttons too.

This is a wonderful site, with tons of free graphics for your art. You do need to be a member, but membership is free!! There is also plenty of friendship and chit chat on the message board. Go check her out and sign up for a membership!!

Hugs- Lee

Dec 8, 2008


First child has been feverish and has had a GI bug since Friday. We missed a schoolmate's birthday party because of it... :-(

Second child is better, but still gunky. No fever though, at least not right this minute.

I attempted, UNDERLINE attempted, to go grocery shopping this morning. Let's just say it's a good think I know where the restroom is...

I've had enough. Did anyone mail the Calgon yet?

Dec 6, 2008

Pin and Blue Christmas Ornaments

I went to the local thrift store the other day and bought some old, glass ornaments. Two dozen blue glass balls and one dozen pink glass balls came home with me- all for $3. They also had purple ones, but I passed on them.

Blue and pink are not my usual colors, but they sure are popular these days. I thought I'd try my hand at foofing them up for Twigs and Feathers, over at LolliShops. It's so hard to put my vision into reality at times. Plus, there are times when I think "I need to go buy X Y or Z." Well, that kind of defeats the process, right?

Anyway, I did break down and buy some vintage, mercury glass bead garlands on eBay. I ended up cutting (GASP- I know) the stand apart and using the beads as eggs on the one ornament.

Tell me what you think of them. Oh, BTW, these aren't the greatest pictures... shiny things are hard to photograph.

Hugs- Lee

Dec 5, 2008

Happy Friday

Someone, anyone, send me some Calgon, 'cause Momma needs to be taken away!

Hubby's work has taken him out of town during the week for about the past 3 months. Momma is tired of running the show and taking care of sick kids. Not to mention the fact that I've had to call out of work 3 times and am gonna get dinged for it.

First child sick all last week, and came home sick from school today. Second child is REALLY sick, feverish, gunky, grumpy, and not eating or drinking much. Only one wet diaper today and I'm becoming concerned. I'm getting little sips in now and again, but nothing major.

It's freezing here. Send hot chocolate, please.

xoxo- Lee

Dec 3, 2008

Yippee!! LolliShops is SWEET

Tammy and I are knocking 'em dead, selling our pins, tags and mixed media supplies on LolliShops.

If there's something you're interested in, hurry on over!
hugs- Lee