Jun 15, 2013

Where has the time gone?

Holy crow, it's been a month since I've posted! I'd love to tell you I've been up to some cool stuff, but not really.

The end of school came blazing up so fast. Then the inevitable panic- what to do with the kids? I am on a completely different schedule now than I have been my whole nursing career. And honestly, working four days ina row every week is killing me. By Friday I am toast. So call me lame. Whatever.

Anyhoo, my sis will be watching the kids, but I still have to try to come up with some constructive things for them to do. They both have summer packets to work on. Yay. But really, they just can't play all day, can they? hehehe Or play video games? Or on their Ipods? Oh yes, they can. And I'm going to NOT feel guilty about it.

There was a post  by Jen Hatmaker, about being a terrible mom. I'm sure you've read it. In similar fashion, I have thrown out so much stuff the kids have brought home. I mean, really- sending home a tiny piece of paper with some doodles on it?? In the circular file, friend. I threw out the bazillion copy books they made us buy (charter school= we buy everything), only half-used. Gasp!! Right? I'm sure some paper fairy just died a painful death. I have, in the past, saved them thinking the boys would draw in them, use them for scrap paper, or whatever, and they haven't. This year I just skipped that part and chucked! Like, a trash can full of crap paper.

So, summer is off the a busy start- riding ponies, horse shows, sleepovers, playing. I'm already tired, and it's not even hot yet.

In the meantime, I got sick of my hair and lopped off 4 inches. Buh-bye. It's fresher and easier- theoretically, anyway. When the humidity hits, I'll have a 'fro, but isn't that what pony tail holders are for?

Enjoy, Lee