May 16, 2008

Graduation and Goodies

As promised, here are some pictures of Jason. The end of the year ceremony was pretty long, with each class putting on some type of program. There was singing, reciting bible verses, and discussion of typical class days. Jason's part in his classes' program was to answer "carbon dioxide" to the question 'what do we breathe out?' He did really well, remembered his 2 words, and said them loudly, clearly, all the while standing up straight and tall. LOL! After the program, he received his "diploma"- very cute, and certainly going in his scrapbook!

Now- for the goodies. As many of you readers know, Tammy and I were college rommates, and best friends ever since. We have seen each other through good times and bad, all the while laughing whenever possible!

When I had my first child, I started scrapbooking. When Tammy's little girl entered the picture, I got her started. We went to an amazing scrapbook weekend last year together- which was a blast. Tammy has always been crafty, but with the introduction of scrapbooking, she was on her way. Enter our new-found love of vintage stuff and collaging- and the two of us have been on a new path together! How lucky we are to both love the same thing! We decided to open our Etsy store (please go buy something so I can keep my habit going!). Just recently, Tammy has rented a space in her area of Georgia to sell her TLuCreations. (you go girl).

So- you ask yourself- what does this have to do with Mother's Day goodies? Well, my blogger friends, take a gander below and see what this crazy, loveable woman sent me- a bucket chock full of YUMMY stuff:

some toile, a beaded glove, b/w tissues, and bling! Oh, and that's not all: trims, ribbons, buttons, and old photos:

Who could ask for anything more?


cinnibonbon said...

I love your baby's graduation pics!! What a great thing to be able to scrap about!!
As for your bestest pal Tammy. I have to agree, she is rather amazing. You and her make the fabulous pair. I love all those goodies she sent you. The are just so yummy.
Let's not forget that banner!!! I love ...I'm so glad you have a tech savvy friend to count on...this rocks

Magnolia Street Style said...

Your new banner is great. Your little boy is growing up. This is the first of many "graduations" to celebrate. What a friend Tammy is to send you the beautiful gifts.

Take care,

Natasha Burns said...

Your boy is so cute, love that they got a diploma!
Your goodies on your etsy are great!

The Other Side of Me said...

Jason looks so sweet in these pics. He's quite the little man. Get your tissues ready for his first day of school.
Glad you are enjoying your goodies. You deserve all things wonderful.

Dona said...

You have been very busy. Congrats on the graduation.My 18 yr. old graduated too. Boy I'm old. I am loving your new banner. Looks great.