May 8, 2009

Georgia On My Mind

And so the weekend continued...
After a good night sleep, we headed to Tammy's Blue Sky Studio. She had successfully kept us out of on Thursday. She has a large room to play in, and it's filled with art. Tammy had put some tables together, and each of us had a huge goody basket to dig into! We each sent something for it, and Tammy added her stuff as well. I can't even show you everything that was in the basket, because I don't have it here. Poor Tammy has the chore of boxing it up and putting it in the mail.

Dawn Edmonson came and taught a Plate Collage class. Dawn brought folders full of images, and trinkets and trims were supplied by her and Tammy. If I thought I could have gotten away with it, I'd have scooped it all into my goody baskets and brought it home!! As you can see, we all are wearing hand made aprons, made for us by Tammy.

You can shoot over to Tammy's blog and see all of the plates. I forgot to take pictures of them- can you believe it?

More later- Lee


cinnibonbon said...

Loved all your pictures!! It mind blowing isn't it. I sure can't wait for you gals to to Chick Farm and you all come back to tell us all about the fun and news...whew....YOu gals will blow them away...

Have a nice restful weekend.

The Other Side of Me said...

Hi Lee,

Your goodies are packed up and heading your way today. I love your pictures of everything.
Have a Happy Mother's Day!

Angela said...

Hey Lee,
I love seeing all the pics everyone took, I think I was spazzed and couldn't concentrate on any one thing that day. I can't wait to hear abt. Savannah!
And yes, the song on my blog is super sweet and so not me but I thought since some had to hear "Did I shave my legs for this" for awhile I would make up for it by going the other way with the music...maybe I should put Chris Cornell in the Number One spot, :)) Have a wonderful weekend and Mother's Day!!