Aug 7, 2010

Aprons for me and the boys

Aprons, they seem to be the rage these days. Stampington even puts out a publiction call "Apronology." Who knew that such a humble piece of fabric could become so popular?

I have a few, picked up for practically nothing at a local thrift store back in Pa. I haven't made any since I was in middle school. Why bother, they can be picked up anywhere? Although, I have to say there are some really amazing fabrics out there that would be fun to make aprons out of. Tammy made us some cool ones last year for the Girls Weekend.

this is Tammy's mother, Ruth Canfield, modeling her apron. I can't find a picture of me in mine.

I tend to wipe my hands on my aprons- isn't that what they're for? But I mean, with stuff like paint and ink that doesn't come out. It's a fine line between function and not wanting to ruin them.

I had this little apron on the other day. It's soft and worn, and probably handmade. The fabric is definitely from another era! But it hides dirt well.

I was working in my studio, with both boys at my feet. Jason, my oldest, asked me if he could wear one of my aprons. Hmmmm. I said no, but that we would go to Home Depot and get him one. I took two of their .77 cent, two pocket aprons and sewed them together, one for each boy. Viola. Easy apron, perfect from crafting, with plenty of pockets for hidden goodies.

 So now they can wipe their hands on their aprons, like I do.

hugs- Lee


Karen said...

Cute idea and so "manly"!!

Anonymous said...

Awe, so sweet. You guys look great in your apron. Nice work mom! ~ Angela

Gigi said...

I never wear aprons - but then I'm rarely in the kitchen. Hubby has aprons - but yet still manages to get food & various stains on his clothes. Possibly because he doesn't wear them that often. As a result, he now has a bunch of "cooking" shirts.

Unknown said...

Hey Lee. What a cute idea for the boys and as simple as can be once so bright gal like you thinks it up.

Hugs...Tracy :)

Dorthe said...

Dear Lee, your boyes looks so qute (don`t tell I said so, kind of girly I guess,for them LOL) in their aprons, and the little old looking one so sweet.
Great idea.
Hugs, and happy sunday.

whitaker imagery said...

First: I love those boys:)

Second: I do NOT own an apron.

Third: I love to cook and am pretty sloppy when I do.

Fourth: Pretty please will you make me an apron? Let's go shopping for some vintage/country/primitive fabric so I can match my kitchen:)

Love you. The end!

Unknown said...

Great idea on the boys aprons! And yours is so cute, too. I need a durable one like that.

Julie Pishny said...

Hi Lee, I had to chuckle when I read how the little men in your house love you so much that they want to be just like you - even if that means wearing an apron. How sweet is that??? And how sweet are you to go out to the local Home Depot to accomodate their wishes. Hugs - Julie

Lovey said...

So cool!!!